ZIP Repair - Download Free ZIP Repair Tool to Fix Corrupt ZIP Files

  • Repairs corrupted or damaged Zip and Zipx files
  • Can resolve corruption issues such as header issues, CRC errors, invalid file format error, spanned zip file, and virus affected issues
  • Repairs password protected files and large files over 4GB
  • Involves a 3 step repair process – Select, Repair and Save

What are ZIP files?

Most of us have heard about the Zip format. It is commonly seen when we download software from the internet or receive files from a friend. Zip is the most common type of archive format. Of course there are others such as RAR which is known for a better compression, but Zip is more accessible. Also, most operating systems have a built in support for Zip.

Due to these reasons, Zip is preferred and more commonly used. But it is subject to corruption issues just like any other type of file. The main reasons for corruption are explained here.

  • Download/transfer error: This mostly occurs when you download a file from the internet. Invalid data may be written into the Zip file causing corruption. However, this can usually resolved by downloading another copy of the Zip file.
  • Header issues: It’s possible that the Zip file can have certain header issues. It can happen when the file is downloaded or when there is a mistake by the application creating the Zip file.
  • Incorrect file extensions issues: If the application/process creating the Zip file makes even the slightest mistake such as incorrect file extensions, it can create corruption in Zip files.
  • Damage to the storage media: Any damage to the storage media where the Zip file is stored can cause corruption in these files. Storage media could be internal or externally connected to the system.
  • CRC Error: When a Zip file is created, a CRC value is calculated. Later when the files are extracted, the value is again is calculated. If there is a mismatch in the values, CRC error is displayed. This usually occurs when downloading a Zip file from the internet and invalid data is introduced into the Zip file

In case of Zip file corruption, all files within the Zip file, multiple files or only one file can be damaged. But whatever may be the case, you won’t be able to extract files from it. Hence you will need to repair the file.

Remo Repair Zip is designed to repair all kinds of corruption in Zip files ranging from header issues to CRC errors. Maintaining the originality of your data is our priority, so the software works in a harmless way using a read mechanism.

The software extracts data from the file and fixes any issues found. Once that’s done, a new healthy file is created.

Steps to repair corrupt Zip file using Remo Repair Zip:

Repairing Zip files using Remo Repair Zip is simple and quick. All you need is a working system with 1GB RAM and 50MB space for software installation and of course the Remo Repair Zip software.

Download the software on your system and install the application. Then click on the .exe file to launch the software and follow the steps below.

Step 1: In the home screen, select your corrupt Zip file by clicking on ‘Browse’

Step 2: Then click on Repair. The software scans your file and rebuilds the internal structure to create a new compressed file from which you will be able to get a list of files/folders.

Step 3: For root files, you can find it by double clicking on the ‘# Lost files’ folder.

Step 4: Click on Next to choose a destination folder for saving your recovered files. You can do so by clicking on Select folder.

Step 5: Finally click on Save to save all your data.

Why Remo Repair Zip?

Remo Repair Zip offers some advanced feature that makes it a top choice among users. Learn more here.