Repair Damaged RAR Files

  • Software to repair corrupt, damaged and inaccessible RAR files
  • Ability to repair large RAR files over 4GB
  • Can work with password protected RAR files
  • Free Preview of the repaired file

Know what RAR file is:

An archive file is a container that holds one or more files in them. These archive files are compressed to occupy less space and easy portability. RAR is one of the most commonly used archive formats and WinRAR is used to create and extract these RAR files.

Normally you see RAR files when downloading software or files from the internet. Or you would use RAR to send a large number of files via email. The smaller size helps in transmitting files faster and allows for a faster download.

RAR files are subject to corruption due to various reasons. It is important to note that when RAR files are corrupted, one, multiple or all files within the RAR file may be affected. Let us see some of the common reasons here.

  • Errors while creating a RAR file: There could be minor mistakes by the application creating a RAR file. Mistakes can be header inconsistences, incorrect extensions or incorrect data. These will be treated as corruption by the Zip file.
  • Transfer error: When you receive files from a third party or when downloading a file from the internet, invalid data may be introduced into the file. This may result in corruption of RAR files.
  • Corruption on the drive where files are stored: Errors or bad sectors in the drive where RAR files are stored can cause corruption in RAR files.
  • Software errors: Software glitches can and do occur at times. This in some cases can corrupt files.

Corruption can make the entire file inaccessible, so you cannot extract data from the file. Thus repairing the file becomes a priority.

Remo Repair RAR is a online RAR repair tool that is designed to repair corruption issues in RAR files. The software extracts data from the file and debugs errors. Then a healthy RAR file is created. Since, the software only reads data from the file, the original file is safe. You don’t have to worry about the software causing harm.

The software can repair all kinds of corruption issues such as header inconsistences, CRC errors and virus infected files.

Steps to repair RAR files using Remo Repair RAR

Repairing RAR files is fairly straight forward if you are using Remo Repair RAR. It uses a simple and efficient repair process. Begin by downloading the software on your system using the Download Now button. Then complete the installation process and click on .exe file to launch the application..

  • In the home screen, click on Browse to select the corrupt RAR file
  • Once the corrupt file is selected, click on Repair to begin the repair process. It may take a while depending on the level of corruption.
  • After the software repairs file, you can preview using the Preview feature. This feature is available even in the free demo version of the software
  • Choose ‘Select folder’ to specify the folder to save the repaired file and click on Save to the save the file.
  • The software saves the repaired RAR file and opens the folder where it is saved

Advanced features of Remo Repair RAR:

The special features of Remo Repair RAR software are listed as follows.

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