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Download the free data recovery software from REMO to recover up to a 100 percent of your deleted, formatted or lost data

  • Recover from any drive: Restore from any internal/external HDD, SSD, SD Card, and other storage devices
  • Supports latest OS: Compatible with all later versions of Windows and Mac OS
  • Any data loss scenario: Irrespective of the cause of data loss, you will be able to retrieve your files using Remo Recover
  • User-friendly tool: Securely and easily recover all your data using the user-friendly interface of the software.
  • Free demo version: To retrieve and preview all files prior to saving


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Data Recovery Software Free Download

Steps to perform data recovery using Remo Recover:

Step 1. Free download and Install Remo Recover data recovery software full version, launch it to run the application. The software displays its first screen with three options i.e. "Recover files", "Recover Photos" and "Recover Drives". Select the appropriate option.

Step 2. Choose the option "Recover Deleted Files" if you know the exact location of the erased data, or select "Recover Lost Files" button if you don't remember the location from where the files went missing. In this case, the free software version scans the entire drive with no problem.

Step 3. Select the drive from where data is to be recovered. It provides an option to search for specific deleted and lost files by matching file type or name. Or you can simply skip the option and click "Next" to look for all deleted or lost data on that drive / location.

Step 4. The data recovery software quickly scans the selected drive and prepares a list of all recovered data files which you can see by using "Preview" option.

Step 5. The file recovery process can be saved and resumed anytime using "Save Recovery Session". Or you can instantly unlock the registered version of the software to save the retrieved files back on any location.

Ensure you save files to a drive other than the one on which those are being restored from. You can also refer to the below video for detailed and step by step deleted data recovery process on Windows OS.

Caution: Do not install the data recovery program on the drive that contains lost or deleted files. This may cause the storage drive to overwrite, which permanently deletes your data.

Video tutorial to recover data with Remo Recover data recovery software

Why you need data recovery software free download version?

Accidents are unavoidable, and some of them could land you in deep trouble. Deleting your vital data files and folders accidentally from your storage device is one such disaster that makes you panicked. Do not worry, because that’s not the end. All your data still resides on the storage media and can be recovered back in a few simple steps, if you have the right data recovery software with you.

You can find plenty of data recovery utilities on the internet, some are free while others are paid. But, we always tend to hesitate to pay for a service that we are not sure of. Having the file recovery job done successfully before buying the data recovery software, is always a preferable option. Therefore, to achieve better data recovery results with maximum security, you should opt for Remo Recover free data recovery software version. Watch the video tutorial below for detailed steps to perform data recovery.

Expert free data recovery solution for your PC - Remo Recover data recovery tool

Remo Recover Windows data recovery program is a safe and completely do-it-yourself data recovery software, an expert in recovering all lost or deleted data on your Mac / Windows PCs with ease. The advanced algorithm of the tool is engineered to detect and recover documents, photos, videos, music files, emails and more from any computer hard drive, without damaging them in any way. Aiming at a different platform, Remo Recover is an advanced software to recover data on Mac OS as well.

USPs of Remo Recover free data recovery software

The freemium data recovery software works well with external hard drives, SSD, memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras, USB drives and other removable media of any brand and type. Most importantly, it recovers deleted files with their original file names and storage path which most software applications cannot do. Remo Recover file recovery software free download version provides comprehensive data recovery solutions at competitive pricing.

  • Allows you to recover deleted/lost data from a particular date or folder, so that you can restore exactly what you want to
  • Quickly and reliably recovers data from all kinds of hard drives such as SCSI, SATA, IDE, PATA and SSD partitions
  • Performs complete drive scan to find and restore lost, formatted, deleted and missing data
  • Supports to recover files more than 1000+ file formats on the basis of their unique signature
  • Recovers all types of deleted media files including RAW files from all makes and kinds of cameras, memory cards, and external hard disks
  • Provides an option to add / edit new signatures for files recovery that is not listed
  • Fast and reliable data recovery by creating disk images of the hard drive containing bad sectors
  • Recovers data from formatted partitions even after reinstalling or upgrading of Windows OS
  • Fully customizable option for file recovery from different file systems such as ExFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX
  • Allows you to retrieve data from damaged, corrupted or inaccessible RAID partitions
  • Enables you to compress the recovered file data and folders in order to save drive space
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS
  • Comes with a built-in Preview window that allows you to view all recovered files before saving

Here are some useful tips to increase your chances of successful recovery

Follow the below-mentioned tips that can be helpful in maximizing the chances of a 100 percent data recovery. Although data loss is inevitable, you can always try to prevent accidental data loss on your storage device wherever you can.

Stop using your device: If you restore data from a hard drive, try to use the disk as little as possible until you complete the data recovery task. The problem is that the computer itself may use the drive in the background. Therefore, it’s better to turn off the system, unmount the hard drive and attach it to a healthy computer to proceed with data recovery.

Scan your computer: Regularly update and run the anti-virus protection software installed on your computer to protect your data files from harmful viruses, malware or spyware attacks.

Avoid browsing the web: Make sure you do not browse anything because your web browser saves cache data on the drive. This may overwrite the missing data and lessen the chances of complete recovery.

Remo Recover data recovery software helps in such data loss scenarios

Remo Recover is a professional data recovery program providing an easy solution to undelete files and recover files whether they are lost or deleted due to any of the below mentioned or similar reasons.

  • Accidentally deleted data files using Shift + Delete keys or using Windows command prompt
  • Restore files missing after using Cut and Paste command
  • Data emptied from Windows Recycle Bin
  • Files data lost when storage media is attacked by deadly viruses
  • The sudden termination of PC while transferring data could lead to data loss
  • Data files lost after disk formatting or defrag failure
  • Partitioning errors can corrupt file system leading to severe data loss

Additional benefits of choosing Remo Recover data recovery program

  • Simple and descriptive interface: Tool is designed with highly interactive GUI and easy-to-use interface that makes file recovery process easier for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Non-destructive tool: Remo Recover program works in read-only mode to perform data recovery task. It does not do any damage to your original contents as well as the computer. Further, it is 100% virus and spyware free guaranteed.
  • Free data recovery service: Remo’s technical team of experts is available for 24x7 hours for enterprise organization to even an individual who is stuck while installing the software or recovering data files.

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