Hard Disk Data Recovery Tool to Recover Lost, Deleted or Formatted Data

  • Restore lost or deleted data from any internal or external hard disk in a few simple steps
  • Fast, safe and reliable data recovery from any storage device
  • Recover formatted, non-booting or crashed hard drive
  • Preview recovered data before saving


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Perform Hard Drive Data Recovery the Reliable Way

Even though mankind is making tremendous inventions in technology, he cannot foresee his future. Likewise, computer users come across numerous unexpected data loss incidents regardless of several precautionary measures.

So, if you are the one who has deleted/lost files, folders or partitions from hard disk, USB drive, flash drives, SD card, memory card etc. due to any reason then, this article gives you the right solution.

Remo Recover is the best and advanced Hard Drive Recovery Software with built-in deep scan mechanism. This is a perfect hard drive data recovery service available to recover your hard drive data in a matter of minutes.

With this effective disk recovery tool, you can easily undelete lost file or deleted file from the computer in few easy steps. So, here is all you need to know about Remo Recover Hard Drive.

Why Use Remo Recover for performing hard drive data recovery?

  • Fast and Advanced Scanning Algorithm: This hard disk recovery program is built with robust and superior scanning module. Thus, it scans your HDD sector-by-sector to recover data effectively.
  • Easily Undelete Lost/Deleted Data: No matter whether you accidentally deleted or lost data by emptying Recycle Bin, through Command Prompt, via Shift Delete, after formatting/resetting the storage drive or due to failed hard drive, partition error, OS corruption, file system damage, presence of bad sectors, hard drive failure, virus infection, power surge etc.
  • But, this efficient hard drive recovery tool can assuredly help you in recovering data back intact for sure.
  • Preview of Data: This hard drive tool offers you a transparent data recovery service. You can preview and check the recovered data before you proceed to save it.
  • Secure Data Recovery: The software is free from all Virus/Malware. Thus, you can install it on your computer without any concern.
  • Technical Assistance: Excellent and free technical guidance is provided by the software round the clock.
  • Ease of Handling: the User-friendly interface of this program is suitable for both technical and non-technical users. Thus, everyone can use this handy interface without any issue.

Apart from above mentioned key factors, the software has several other salient features like

  • Resume Recovery Session: You can resume the previous scan session to avoid rescanning in future.
  • Storing Recovered Data: The recovered data can be compressed in ZIP format to save storage space. And, the restored data can be saved on any of your desired drive like internal hard drive, external hard drive, CD/DVD, USB drive, flash drive etc.
  • Easy Sorting: The tool allows you to recover the lost or deleted data based on its unique file signature (file type). This avoids you from scanning the entire drive- of course, saves your time. Also, the restored files can be easily sorted based on their name, date, modified date, size, file extension etc.

Before You Begin:

Stop using your SD card, memory card, external hard drive, USB drive or flash drive the moment you lost data from it. In case, you have lost or erased files or folders from your computer then stop saving new files or accessing saved data on it.

Steps for recovering data from a hard drive:

Step 1: Connect your SD card, portable drive, USB etc. to a working Windows or Mac computer with the help of card reader/USB cable, if you want to recover data from it.

In case, your data is lost or deleted from system internal hard disk due to formatting, file system corruption etc. serious causes then detach the drive and connect it to another computer as a secondary drive.

Step 2: Download Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac) version if your system is running Windows or Mac OS respectively. And, follow the on-screen guidelines to install the software completely.

Step 3: After successful installation run the Remo Recover software and follow the instructions carefully to recover your data.

Step 4: On the main screen, select Recover Drives option.

Step 5: Click on Formatted / Reformatted Recovery button (to recover formatted data) or click on Partition Recovery (to recover deleted or lost partition) button.

Step 6: The tool shows all available drives present on the system if Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option is selected. And, all found partitions will be listed if you have clicked the Partition Recovery button. Choose the drive/partition from which you want to restore data and go next.

Step 7: Next, select file types if you wish to recover specific data from the drive/partition. If you cannot find your required file format in the list, then click on Add File Type button to add the one. In case, you want to recover entire data from the drive then Skip this step.

Step 8: Now, the software scans the selected drive and displays your recovered data in two different views- File Type View and Data View. Toggle between your preferred views and select the files which you want to save. You can make use of Find Options to select your required files. Using size, date, etc. of restored data you can select your required files. And, preview the file by double-clicking on it before you save the data (to verify the recovery process).

Step 9: Finally, click on Browse button, mention your desired location to save the recovered data and hit the OK button.

Other Important Features of Remo Recover hard drive recovery tool:

1. Wide Range of Support:

Remo Recover Hard Drive supports various storage devices and cameras.

Supported Hard Drive Types

  • Supports all types of hard drive interfaces like IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS, USB, FireWire etc.
  • Supports data recovery from all brands of external hard drives and FireWire drives
  • Supports recovery of SD card, memory card, USB, Pen drive, flash drive of all well-known brands

2. Can create the image file

The tool has the ability to create Disk Images (copy of your entire hard drive data in a single file) of the hard drive to bypass bad sectors. So, your data can be recovered later by scanning the created disk image.

3. Add New File Headers to List of Supported Formats

Along with supporting recovery of more than 300 file formats, this powerful data recovery software even allows you to add your required file types to its list of supported file formats.

4. RAW File Recovery

This ideal hard drive recovery program is expertise in recovering photos, video clips, audio files, office documents, generic file and more. Along with these, you can recover your RAW images created using any model of camera at ease with the help of Remo Recover.

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