Repair Corrupt or Damaged Word Documents

  • Remo Repair Word tool fixes corrupt Word document safely without modifying its original text, fonts, images, hyperlinks, header & footer
  • It reads from the original file, and creates a new healthy document keeping the original file intact
  • Repairs DOCX and DOC Word files that are created on MS Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier versions
  • Avails free Preview of the repaired Word document in demo version, before activating the software

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing application in the world. Its availability on multiple platforms and integration with other Microsoft products give it an edge over other applications.

As with any other file or document, Word documents do get corrupt from time to time. Some of the major reasons for corruption are explained.

Reasons for the corruption of Word files:

Repair corrupt Word files:

If you have important documents that are corrupt, it becomes inevitable for you to repair them. Microsoft Word normally repairs the file automatically if there are only minor corruptions. However, if it’s not repaired automatically, you can repair it manually using Word file repair tool ‘Open and Repair’.

To repair Word file using ‘Open and Repair’

Repairing corrupted Word file is fairly straight forward using ‘Open and Repair’ tool. Just follow the steps below.

If the file is severely corrupt or if the document was not able to repair with the built in tool, then you have to make use of professional online repair tools such as Remo Repair Word to repair Word file online. It is a great choice to repair corrupt or damaged .doc, and .docx files created on Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier versions.

Video Tutorial to repair Word file:

Steps to Repair Word Document using Remo Repair Word:

The process of repairing Word document cannot get simpler than using the software which needs only 3 steps. Begin by downloading Remo Repair Word on your system and install the application.

How Remo Repair Word works?

Remo Repair Word scans the Word document and extracts data from it. (It does not work on your original file.) Then it repairs issues/corruption and generates a new healthy Word file. Hence, you don’t run the risk of damage to your original DOC or DOCX file.

The software recovers the text with original formatting in place. Along with text, it also recovers hyperlinks and embedded objects etc.

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Tips to avoid corruption of MS Word files

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