Repair Corrupt or Damaged Word Documents

  • Remo Repair Word tool fixes corrupt Word document safely without modifying its original text, fonts, images, hyperlinks, header & footer
  • It reads from the original file, and creates a new healthy document keeping the original file intact
  • Repairs DOCX and DOC Word files that are created on MS Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier versions
  • Avails free Preview of the repaired Word document in demo version, before activating the software

As we all know, Microsoft Word is an omnipresent word processing application which makes writing content a walk in the park with spelling, grammar check etc. Its availability on multiple platforms and integration with other Microsoft products give it an edge over other applications.

The Word files could be corrupted or damaged due to various scenarios. In this read-up you will learn how to fix a corrupted Word Document effortlessly.

Causes for corruption of the Word Document

Below listed are the common scenarios for corruption of the Word Document by multiple users.

In the section below you will learn the hassle-free method on how to repair a corrupt Word document using a reliable Repair utility.

How to Repair Corrupt Word Document?

In the section below, you will learn approaches on how to fix the corrupted Word Document. Method 1 involves a manual approach on how to resolve the corruption of the Word file. The second method is with the help of a reliable Repair Tool.

Solution 1: How to fix Corrupted Word Document with Auto-Repair

In a few cases of corruption or Damage, the Microsoft Word provides the user with an auto-repair option to resolve the damage. You will be able to repair the Word document by launching it manually.

Solution 2: Repair the Damaged Word file using Remo Repair

Microsoft Word normally repairs the file automatically if there are only minor corruptions. However, if it’s not repaired automatically or through using the “Open and Repair” option, you will need an effective repair tool to resolve the issue.

Remo Repair is a reliable repair utility which can effortlessly resolve the corruption of the Word Document. The tool scans the Word document and extracts data from it. (It does not work on your original file.) Then it repairs issues/corruption and generates a new healthy Word file. Hence, you don’t run the risk of damage to your original DOC or DOCX file.

Steps to Fix Damaged Word Document

The process of repairing Word documents cannot get simpler than using the software which needs only 3 steps. Begin by downloading Remo Repair Word on your system and install the application.

Tips to avoid corruption of MS Word files