Outlook PST Repair Tool to Fix Corrupt PST File

Updated on February 26, 2020

Use Remo Outlook PST Repair utility to repair your corrupt, damaged & inaccessible PST file when scanPST.exe fails to fix the issues with PST file. The tool also recovers deleted/lost emails, contacts, notes, calendar items, RSS Feeds, and other Outlook attributes from a corrupt PST file.

  • The software generates the repaired PST file in 2003 - 2016 format for easy importing
  • Works with over-sized, compressed, password protected and inaccessible PST files
  • Recovers deleted personal folders such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes and other items
  • Allows preview of the recovered Outlook items in Outlook Style Browser before saving
  • Allows saving of recovered emails in EML, MSG, and DBX formats

It is a well-known fact that Microsoft Outlook can be used for more than just sending or receiving emails. It is an all-in-one personal information manager for items such as calendars, contacts, appointments. All of this information is stored in the form of Outlook data file called PST on your computer.

Now this PST file should be in a healthy state for normal functioning of our Outlook profile. When the PST file gets corrupt or damaged, our data in the PST file becomes inaccessible. We cannot access our mails, contacts, and other Outlook attributs when the PST file is in corrupted state. Outlook PST file gets corrupt due to various reasons, which we will see in the later part of the article.

Corrupted PST file should be fixed at the earliest, otherwise we lose all our personal data stored in the PST file. No doubt, inbox repair tool scanPST.exe that comes by default with Microsoft Outlook application can be used to fix the issues with PST file. But, scanPST.exe has some limitations, and can fix only minor issues in the PST file. When the PST file is corrupted severely, then we need some reliable third party PST repair tool. Remo Outlook PST Repair is one such reliable tool that can fix corrupt and inaccessible PSt file, and recover our lost emails, contacts, notes, RSS Feeds, and other Outlook attributes safely and securely.

Remo PST Repair - Free Tool to Fix Corrupt Outlook PST File:

For repairing corrupt Outlook, it is imperative that you repair PST file. Remo Repair Outlook is one of the best PST file repair tool available online. It can repair Outlook PST file that is corrupt and inaccessible and recover all its attributes like emails, contacts, RSS Feeds, tasks, notes, appointments, etc.

The software can be used to fix all kinds of errors associated with PST file. The main advantage lies in the way it handles the corrupt PST files. It extracts the contents of your PST file and identifies the issues. After issues are fixed, it generates a brand new PST with all Outlook attributes recovered.

Here's the Video Tutorial to repair corrupt PST file:

Steps to Repair PST File using Remo Outlook Repair:

Remo Repair Outlook is fairly simple to use and provides an intuitive design. Download the software using the link provided and install the application.

Step 1: Launch the software and in the main screen, 3 options will be displayed for you to select the PST file.

Browse Outlook PST file to recover lost data from Outlook 2016

Step 2: After selecting the PST file, you will have 2 scanning options - Normal and Smart Scan

Outlook 2010 PST Repair Program - Select Destination

Step 3: Click on Browse to select a location to save repaired PST files and then click Next.

Outlook 2010 PST Repair Program - Select Destination

Step 4: Allow the software to complete scanning. The scanning time depends on the level of corruption and size of the PST file. Once complete, you can look in the destination folder for the repaired PST file.

Tool to Repair PST File Outlook 2010 - Preview

Scenarios in Which a PST File gets Corrupt:

Symptoms of PST file corruption:

PST file corruption is not always evident. Corruption may be shown in various ways. An usual symptom is your Outlook hanging or freezing frequently. Other indications are problems with sending or receiving emails. Specific error messages such as ‘The set of folders cannot be opened’ or ‘The PST file cannot be found’, etc. are also the other indicators of corrupt PST file.

Benefits of using Remo PST Repair Tool:

The features of the software make Remo Repair Outlook the right tool to repair PST file. Read on to know how it can help you in more ways than one:


Note: You can preview the repaired and recovered Outlook items for free using the demo version before you purchase the software.

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