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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Remo Recover Uninstall

How to uninstall Remo Recover?

If you want to remove Remo Recover or uninstall it from your system, then it can be done easily in two ways that are using:

  • Remo Recover Uninstall
  • Control Panel

Removing Remo Recover using built in process:

In case if user wants to remove or uninstall Remo Recover, then it can be done using it’s built in process. Wherein you find a uninstall setup file or log and clicking on, it will initiate un-installation process.

  • Just go to start and click on All Programs
  • find REMO RECOVER folder in the list
  • Click on folder where you can see the option Uninstall Remo Recover, click on it.

Software pops up a message for confirmation and asks permission by offering “Yes” & “No” option, clicking on Yes will start the process. It’s an automatic process and by just one click complete content of Remo Recover is erased.

Remo Recover un-installation through Control Panel:

If you are using Windows operating system then you need to browse for control panel. There are many ways to get control panel, one is by going to start up menu and finding it. Or else you can open “My Computer” and there you can see control panel. Open control panel click on->”Add/Remove Programs” and select the Remo Recover from the list and click on uninstall option to remove the Remo Recover from your system. However in Mac systems there’s no such feature, so just drag the file to Trash in order to uninstall it. For more detailed queries you can contact our support team by clicking here.