How to Solve Low Storage Problem on Windows 10

Windows 10 update edition had few issues upon its release. A lot of users complained that they could not download the latest Windows update due to low storage space. It can lead to interrupted Windows 10 installation. The error messages that were seen during the process – 0x80070070 – 0x50011, 0x80070070 – 0x60000 or 0x80070070

How to Fix NTFS Error on Windows 10

NTFS or New Technology File System is a file system introduced by Microsoft with improved support for metadata. Performance and reliability are greatly improved thanks to advanced data structures. NTFS can get corrupted due to several reasons. One of the possible causes of bug checks, with an error code 0x00000024, is disk corruption. Corruption in

How to Fix Corrupted GameCube Memory Card

The memory cards from the GameCube are compatible. Unfortunately, as the memory cards get older, they have a tendency of becoming corrupt! So are you trying to fix a corrupted GameCube memory card without data loss? First of all, check the card on the console. Often times, the error message comes up once, but then

Reinstalling Windows 10 from HDD to SDD

In order to enhance the booting time of your Windows 10 as well as to upgrade the overall performance of the system to an advanced level, the best way is to reinstall the Windows from HDD to SDD! Users who are running on old hard disk and are struggling with the startup speed prefer to switch to