Windows 7 RAR File Extractor- Extract RAR File in 4 Steps

Updated on June 16, 2021

Need to access a RAR file that is already broken with many errors? Extracting data from corrupt or damaged RAR files can be effectively done using Remo Repair RAR. It can safely extract all the contents from the RAR file and repair the file without altering the original contents. This software is 100% virus free and is compatible with all the Windows versions.


Extract Windows 7 RAR Files

What is RAR file and how to access it?

Have you ever wondered what is a file with extension .rar? What is the appropriate tool to access a RAR file and how to extract a RAR file which is corrupt and inaccessible?

RAR files with extension of .rar are data containers to save single or multiple files and folders in a compressed form using a tool called WinRAR which works on compression and decompression techniques. You can simply put in any number of files to WinRAR to create a .rar file. Later, if you want to access its files, you just have to extract the RAR file with the help of the same WinRAR tool to retrieve all its files and folders.

As you can see the RAR files are used for various purposes and is open sourced, it is easily prone to corruptions. There are many actions that can corrupt RAR files that are stored on any drive. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

Various reasons behind a corrupt RAR file:

  • A virus or a malware attack – If a RAR file is stored on a volume and that volume is affected with virus, you can easily get the RAR files to corrupt
  • Downloading errors- Sometimes the .rar files that you download from the internet can be already broken or damaged. Errors during downloading of RAR files like server errors, pausing the download progress, etc. can cause the RAR files to get damaged
  • A weak or faulty Windows 7 RAR file extractor tool which you use to access RAR files can harm those RAR files while trying to access them
  • Improper transferring- Moving or sharing RAR files through online servers or other platforms improperly can be a cause to corrupt RAR files
  • Other scenarios for RAR file corruption may include Bad Sectors on the drive where RAR files are stored, rescuing a deleted RAR file with the help of any third party recovery tool and various other scenarios

Windows 7 RAR file extractor tool:

Remo Repair RAR is a powerful Windows 7 RAR file extractor application that can easily extract all contents from a .rar file. This too can also be used to effectively repair RAR file in Windows 7, which are corrupt or inaccessible due to any reasons. Just download and install Remo Repair RAR in order to fix windows 7 RAR files instantly. Extracting windows 7 RAR files using Remo Repair tool is an easy and a hassle free task that helps you repair and extract all contents from an inaccessible .rar file. You can perform RAR file extract Windows 7 using the free version of Remo Repair RAR tool.

Steps to Extract RAR Files in Windows 7 Using Remo Repair RAR Tool:

Step 1: Install and run Remo Repair RAR on your computer and select the RAR files using "Browse" option.

Step 2: You shall see repair progress screen once you hit the "Repair" button.

Fix Windows 7 RAR Files - Repair Progress

Step 3: Once the repair process is complete, preview all the rescued items.

Extracting Windows 7 RAR Files - Preview Files

Step 4: Save files on any desired location using "Save" option.

RAR File Extract Windows 7 - Save Files

Benefits Of Compressing Files To RAR Format:

  • Any number of files and folders can easily be archived in to a single .rar file by compressing it. This has a bonus where security of RAR files is concerned by maintaining all the files and folders at one secured place
  • Huge sized files can be stored over any storage device easily as a compressed .rar file as a compressed file occupies less space
  • Downloading and uploading RAR files over the internet is as simple task as large number of files containing files, folders, sub folders and all other data can be handled in a single RAR file
  • Any files like .exe files, apps, media files, docs, etc. can be easily contained in a compressed RAR file