Where is Scanpst.exe Located?

The location of scanpst.exe differs for almost every Microsoft Outlook version. Learn how you can repair Outlook personal data file (.pst) errors in 3 steps using the Outlook repair tool from Remo.


Microsoft Outlook personal folder file (.pst) holds all your emails and other Outlook attributes such as contacts, journals, calendar items, notes, etc. In case, if this PST file gets corrupted you will not be able to open and access your Outlook account. Hence in order to resolve such issues, Outlook comes with a default PST repair tool called Scanpst.exe or the Inbox Repair tool. Get to know how to run scanpst.exe to repair Outlook data file within few simple clicks.

Where is scanpst.exe in Office 2007, 2013, 2016 located?

The Inbox repair utility Scanpst.exe can be found in your MS Office installation folder, that is, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12. Generally, the location of Scanpst usually depends on the version of Outlook in use. It also depends on the version of Windows OS installed on your PC and whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit version.

Note: You must close the Outlook application prior using the Scanpst.exe tool as it is not accessible within the Outlook.

What are the ways to fix personal folder file (.pst) when PST is corrupted?

You can make use of the built-in Scanpst.exe repair function when you encounter errors while opening / accessing PST files. If Scanpst cannot resolve the issues for the first time, then it has to be started again. However, if the Inbox Repair tool is unable to fix the issue, which happens most of the time, you will have to make use of Remo Repair Outlook tool for repairing your PST file This Outlook repair software securely fixes the corrupt PST file as it is much advanced than the default Scanpst.exe tool. It follows read-only mechanism that will only extract the original PST file contents and generates a new healthy accessible PST file, so that your original data file is unharmed. To know how to repair PST without scanpst.exe visit here.

3 steps to repair corrupt or inaccessible Outlook data file (PST):

Click on the Download button to get Remo Repair Outlook (PST) program for free and install it on your Windows system. Run the software and follow below steps to fix Outlook personal folder:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Outlook and click on Open PST File if you know the exact location of your PST file. Otherwise, just click Find PST File option that will automatically search the PST file.   You can choose specific Outlook profile by using Select Outlook Profile option

Select Action to browse your corrupted PST file

Step 2: Make use of Browse icon to select destination path of your choice to save the repaired PST file and click Repair

Choose Destination location

Step 3: After scan, you can Preview the fixed PST file along with other data

Preview Repaired PST File

Check out the advantages of using Remo Repair Outlook software

  • Fixes severely corrupted PST files and recover all its Outlook items securely
  • It can easily repair password protected and highly encrypted PST files
  • Ability to fix oversized PST files which gets corrupted when it exceeds file size more than 2GB
  • Tool is malware free and also non-destructive utility which will never modify or damage the original contents of your PST file
  • Simple and straightforward interface of Remo Repair Outlook allows even a novice user to carry out the repair process without any complexities
  • 24*7 customer support is provided to resolve all issues related to installing and using the software.

You can make use of Remo Repair Outlook for the following scenarios

  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: Closing the MS Outlook application abruptly might results in corrupted PST file.
  • Virus attacks: The severe virus infection is one of the common problem for corrupting PST file and thus infected PST file becomes inaccessible.
  • PST file over size: A .pst file can easily cross the size limitation by receiving many emails with heavy attachments. The oversized PST files is the major cause for corruption.
  • Sharing PST file: If the PST file is shared over the network then there is high risk of file corruption, so it’s better to avoid shared by multiple users.
  • Other reasons: Due to improper OS re-installation, application malfunction, installing untrusted third party tools, etc. the PST file may get corrupted and sometimes refuses to open.