How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Verbatim SD Card?

Updated on December 5, 2019

Remo Recover is a safe and reliable Verbatim SD card restoration software. Download and preview data files including photos, documents, videos and more from Verbatim SD card on Windows or Mac for free.


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Software to Recover Verbatim SD Card Data

Verbatim is a Japan based company that produces and sells media storage devices and flash memory devices. The key products that are created by this company are Solid-state drives, Floppy disks,Magnetic tapes, SD cards, Compact Flash cards,CD-R,CD-RW, DVD-R, USB flash drives and more

If you happen to lose data from a Verbatim SD card due to any reasons – accidental or intentional and are looking for Verbatim SD card recovery software, this is the right place for you. Presenting to you, Remo SD Card Recovery - one of the best Verbatim SD card recovery software available that will help you to easily restore Verbatim SD card data using a Windows based computer. This Verbatim SD card restoration software has a powerful yet user friendly interface using which any novice user with basic computer operating knowledge can perform data recovery. Remo Recover provides a free version using which you can scan, retrieve and preview all recovered contents. Hence, this is the right tool to recover Verbatim SD card data including Photos, songs, movies and all other office related files. So, what are you waiting for, make use of this Verbatim SD card restoration tool to instantly recover all your important files and folders.

Advantages of using Remo Recover - Verbatim SD card recovery software:

  • A powerful data rescue tool with which you can easily perform data recovery to restore AVCCAM SD card files upto 300 file formats for making data recovery successful without losing a single file
  • Effectively recover files from non-booting and unmounting volumes using this tool
  • Recover data from FAT, NTFS, RAID, etc. partitions and also perform data recovery on all types of external hard disk drives, flash storage devices, SATA cards, etc.
  • You can view all restored data after recovery process by using the free version of Remo Recover tool

Scenarios that lead to data loss on Verbatim SD card:

  • Physical impacts – any physical damage to the SD card can cause all its contents to get inaccessible. Damages due to physical impacts, excessive heating and due to ageing effects
  • Accidental deletion – this is the most common case people encounter where data deletion is concerned. One may delete any file assuming it as unnecessary and later on tend to regret it.
  • Data deletion due to Virus – SD card affected with viruses or any malwares can easily corrupt the data and at worst, cause data deletion on that device
  • Data deletion due to third party tools – Any third party tools such as Antivirus software can delete any data on the SD card if it finds any threat from those files and folders
  • Improper file transfer – If you try to transport a file from one location to another improperly, there is a high probability that the data being moved is lost or deleted
  • Using SD cards on multiple platforms – Frequently using the SD card on various devices instead of using it on single device can cause data on it to get deleted
  • Unknown errors – There are many unknown reasons due to which a file or data suddenly vanishes from the SD card

Steps to recover data from Verbatim SD card with Remo Recover:

1. Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer and connect your Verbatim SD card to it.

2. Select the drive which represents the Verbatim SD card from which you want to recover data.

3. From the main screen click on the Scan option to begin the scanning process.

Scanning The Drive

Note: Once the Quick Scan completes it directly starts the Deep Scan. You can now navigate to the Lost Partition folder. Now you can also click on the Preview option to verify the recovery results.

Select The Desired Folder

4. Finally, click on the Recover option to save the recovered files to the desired location.


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