Windows 10 Not Detecting USB Flash Drive - Solved

Unable to recognize the USB flash drive after Windows 10 upgrade? Download Remo Recover handy tool to fix USB not showing up in Windows 10/8/7 without losing vital files now.

USB Not Recognized Windows 10

“I tried all methods that are used for connecting the USB flash drive to my system before upgrading it to Windows 10. Unfortunately, none of the methods worked out. As I have stored vital files in the USB drive, can I retrieve those when the USB drive is not recognized by Windows 10?”

The “USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10” error is usually related to drivers, so download and install the appropriate USB drivers on your PC. In order to update the drivers, follow the below mentioned steps. Once the drive is detectable, using a reliable Windows 10 partition recovery software, you can easily restore those files from unrecognized USB flash drive.

  • Open “Computer” and select “System Properties”.
  • In the task bar, choose “Device Manager” and find the name of your device, then right click and select “Update Driver Software” option.
  • Click on “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software”.

After following the above steps, reconnect your USB device on your computer so as to check whether the USB drive is recognized or not. In case, your computer can read the disk, but you are not able to open the USB flash drive or you have already formatted it, then don’t worry about the data that is stored in your drive.

Remo Recover Pro Edition - Handy solution for USB not showing up in Windows 10

Once your computer is able to read the drive, Remo Recover Pro Edition will help you to retrieve files from formatted USB drive that is not recognizing in Windows 10/8/7 PC or laptop. The software deeply scans your entire USB flash drive to find and extract lost or deleted data. It is a non-destructive utility which won’t damage the drive and the data that is residing on it. The tool enables you to restore data from undetectable, formatted, RAW USB flash drive, hard drive, SD card and any other storage devices with a few simple steps.

Steps to recover data from USB flash drive not recognized in Windows 10

Click Download button to get the free demo edition of Remo Recover software and install it on your Windows computer. Connect USB flash drive on your PC and follow step-by-step instructions explained below to restore data from USB flash drive:

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover software and click on “Recover Partitions” option to retrieve data when Windows 10 not detecting USB flash drive. Then, select the USB drive from the list of all the available drives in the system, and hit Scan button

Click on Recover Partitions button

Step 2: Upon the completion of scanning the USB drive, the software displays the list of all the partitions that are missing/deleted from the USB drive. Now, choose the partition from which you want to recover your data, and click Scan button to initiate the scanning

Choose Partition to recover files from corrupted USB

Step 3: Once scanning of the selected USB drive partition is completed, the list of all the recoverable files are displayed on the screen. You can view these files in Data View or File Type View

Recovered Files View

Step 4: Before saving the recovered files, preview the recovered files by clicking Preview button to ensure that all the files are recovered

Click to Preview the recovered data list

Step 5: Now, if you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, purchase the license key of the software to save the files

Click on Save to store the recovered data

Other possible scenarios in which Remo Recover Pro Edition comes handy:

  • Abrupt removal of USB flash drive while transferring data or any kind of interruptions while formatting the drive can make the drive inaccessible
  • If the partition table of the USB drive is corrupted, then the drive becomes unrecognized
  • Damaged file system, improper operation, virus infection or any other uncertainties on USB drive which might result in data loss

Do’s and Don’ts with USB flash drive

  • Regularly scan the USB flash drive with updated antivirus tool
  • Do not connect the USB drive to virus infected system
  • Always eject USB drive using Safe Remove Hardware option