SATA Partition Recovery...

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recovery of data from SATA partition...

SATA is one of the popular and most preferred types of hard drive or hardware interface that stands for “Serial Advanced Technology Attachment”. SATA drives got great response soon after their launch, as these hard drives replaced Parallel ATA or PATA drives, because of the fact that these are more cost effective and has reduced cable size. This is why majority of computer users prefer this type of drives, but these are vulnerable to data loss and in spite of its wonderful features data may get lost when partition on SATA become inaccessible or corrupt. However, there are various unfavorable reasons apart from corruption, which will be discussed in upcoming sections. But the main question one gets worried about is can I recover lost partition data from SATA drive? Well, luckily answer for this question is YES!!!

Before continuing with SATA partition recovery, let’s review some of the factors, which lead to data loss:

Partitioning errors: Partitioning is not that computer users regularly perform, because of which most of the users make use of third party partitioning tools. But, using unsecure partitioning tool might lead to partitioning error resulting loss of data from SATA partitions.

Operating system crash: This is considered as worst case wherein your operating system gets crashed due to some unmaskable interrupts resulting to system failure. Generally unmaskable interrupts are generated when two tasks request for same system resource at same time, which creates a dead lock issue and lead to system crash.

Accidentally formatting partition: This is the most commonly seen reason for losing data from SATA partitions. At times users choose wrong partition on their Windows SATA computer or format the partition with important data mistakenly and experience unplanned data crisis.

How to recover SATA partition data?

Recovering SATA partition data from any one of the above mentioned scenario is not difficult with the use of Remo Recover, as it comes with very simple and detailed user interface and helps in uninterrupted recovery of data from SATA partition. Developed by team of experts software is integrated with some of the excellent recovery procedures and retrieve lost SATA partition in quick span of time on Windows versions like 7, 8, Vista, XP, etc. However, Remo Recover comes with high reputation when it comes to data recovery. It’s built with effective search algorithms, which examines entire SATA drive in few minutes and assists to restore SATA partition data in blinks of eye.

Some eye catching attributes of Remo Recover!!!

  • Supports partition recovery on SATA drives with file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5
  • Get back SATA partition data like audios, videos, photos and much more in few simple steps
  • Assist you to accomplish safe and secure recovery of SATA partition after accidental formatting, reformatting, corruption and other data catastrophes
  • Awarded as best SATA partition recovery tool by SATA hard drive users all around the world
  • Well matched to retrieve data from SATA partition on internal as well as external drives
  • Comes with helpful features like Preview, Find, Save Recovery Session, Create Images, etc

Steps to Recover SATA partition using Remo Recover

Step 1: Download and install the free edition of Remo Recover on your Windows PC. Run the software and select "Recover Partitions" option from Main screen as shown in Fig.1. Then, a list of all the logical and physical drives available in the system are displayed. Choose the SATA hard drive and click "Scan" button

SATA Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig.1: Main screen

Step 2: Now the software scans the SATA hard drive to find all the partitions that were present in it. Upon the completion of scanning process, a list of found partitions are displayed. Choose the required partition from where you want to recover data and then click "Scan" button to start the recovery process, as shown in Fig.2

Retrieve Lost SATA Partition - List of Found Partitions

Fig.2: List of Found Partitions

Step 3: The tool will now scans the selected partition to locate its files and folders. Once scanning and recovery is complete, a list of recovered files are produced in "Data View". and "File Type View", as shown in Fig.3

Recovery of Data from SATA Partition - Recovered Data View

Fig.3: Recovered Data View

Step 4: Prior you save the recovered files, preview each of them using "Preview" option as shown in Fig.4

Recovering SATA Partition Data - Preview Retrieved Data

Fig.4: Preview Retrieved Data

Step 5: Finally, after evaluating the recovery results, if you are satisfied with the tool, then purchase its complete version and save the recovered files as shown in Fig.5

Recovering SATA Partition Data - Save Retrieved Data

Fig.4: Save Retrieved Data