Retrieve Data from Samsung 1 TB Hard Drive


Samsung 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drives

The Samsung 1 TB portable hard disk drive is a highly advanced external hard disk storage device that has all modern features including super speed USB 3.0 connectivity, SafetyKey protection to your important data, etc. to deliver reliable and handy storage space. The Samsung 1 TB portable hard disk drive includes a full software package with the featuring of plenty of options for taking backing up of data with ease, as the software comes pre-loaded onto the hard drive so there's no CD / DVD included or any downloads involved. You can, for instance, schedule backups timely by file type if you don't wish to manually back up all your important data. There are also options provided for data encryption with password protection in the Samsung 1 TB portable hard disk drive.

All you have to do is just remember to back up the important data using the software at a safe location before reformatting the drive, or else you may lose them. It is however advised to have a backup of your important data at all times, just in case data loss happens to your external hard drive. Nevertheless, in case the worst has already happened, read on to know the measures you should take in order to restore all data from a Samsung 1 TB portable hard disk drive. Before beginning to perform data restoration on your external storage device, go through the following steps to learn some of the most widespread causes off data loss or deletion on external media storage volumes.

Various factors that can cause data loss on Samsung 1 TB portable hard disk drives:

Damage due to physical parameters: Intense heat, water, moisture, physical impact, dust accumulation, etc. all pose a serious threat to any external hard disk drive. Getting a device affected due to any of these factors mean permanent damage to the device, from where data recovery would become almost impossible.

File structure failure: Any errors or corruptions at the file structure or system software of the external hard disk due to any reasons can cause data loss/ deletion on that device. In most cases a normal re-formatting of the external hard disk drive will solve this problem, but data has to be restored using an external means later on.

Accidental data loss: Accidental or unintentional file deletion is one of the most frequently occurring causes of file deletion on all external media storage volumes, as there is no option for storing temporarily erased contents in most cases.

Viruses and other malicious programs: Using your Samsung 1 TB external hard disk drive on multiple platforms and on untrusted computers can cause virus and other malicious programs to spread in to the memory of the portable hard drive, resulting in data loss, file corruption, and other serious damages.

Executing Samsung 1 TB external hard disk drive data restoration using Remo Recover:

Remo recover is a multi-utility data recovery application for restoring any kind of files and folders from all brands of external hard disk drives including Samsung 1 TB portable hard disk drive. Data can be recovered from an external hard drive on various occasions by Remo Recover – for example, from an unmountable / formatted / corrupt hard drive, data recovery after full format hard drive, etc. Just follow the below posted simple steps to initiate the recovery process within minutes for free.

Steps to perform data recovery on Samsung 1 TB external hard disk drive using Remo Recover:

 Step 1: Install Remo Recover and launch it to open its main screen. Select "Recover Drives" option in order to recover Samsung 1 TB external hard disk drive data.

Samsung Hard Disk 1TB Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on "Partition Recovery" option to continue with data recovery process.

Retrieve Data from Samsung 1 TB Hard Drive - Select Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery Option

Step 3: Software will show a list of partitions, select the Samsung 1 TB external hard disk drive to rescue data from it.

Restore Data on Samsung 1 TB Hard Disk - Select Partition Recovery Option

Figure 3: Select Samsung 1 TB External Hard Disk Drive

Step 4: After the completion of recovery process, the complete list of files from the selected drive appears.

Samsung 1 TB Hard Disk Data Restoration - Recovered Files List

Figure 4: Recovered File List

Step 5: Save recovered data to any desired location using "Save" option using the full version of this tool.

Samsung 1 TB Hard Drive Data Recovery - Save Recovered Data

Figure 5: Save Recoved Data