Retrieve Data off Damaged Hard Drive

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Lost files due to MBR corruption. Help!!!

Every new computer you bring in to your office or house is always got a hard drive embedded. Computers make use hard drives for booting the operating system and saving files. Thus, hard drives are considered to be a vital part of the computers. Today, many popular brands of hard drive are easily available with different data capacity range. You might find hard disk of data capacity ranging from 3 GB to 30 TB which supports a huge amount of data storage. It is the MBR sector of the hard disk that helps in booting every time you start a computer. There are two types of hard drives that are currently available in the IT market.

Types of hard disk:

Internal hard drives: Internal hard disks are those hard drives that reside inside a computer. These HDD come with preinstalled operating system and some applications when you buy a brand new computer. Generally, these hard disk support interfaces like SATA and ATA. As these hard drives are the basic source of file storage on computers, it is available with large memory size

External hard drives: These are the portable hard disk which helps in meeting the extra memory needs on computers. External hard disk was able to achieve portability which was the limitation considered with internal HDD.  With this hard disk one can easily transfer their crucial files from one computer to other.

Though hard disk provides high durability, it is not a reliable source of data storage. These hard drives are highly prone to damage, which causes huge amount of data loss. Don’t be worried!!! Now Remo Recover is here for your aid to retrieve data off damaged hard drive. This software can recover data off damaged hard drive safely without incorporating much effort.

Issues that cause data loss from hard disk:

Hard drive crash: This is always an end result of bad sectors on hard drives. Bad sectors on hard disk formed when there is a scratch on the hard disk, either caused by the spinning head or any other event. If such bad sectors are ignored, in the later stage you may face a hard disk crash and end up losing large amount of data. During such events you can take the aid Remo Recover to perform data recovery off damaged hard drive

File system conversion:  Present hard drives support more than one file system. At certain times, circumstances may arise where you may have to change the existing file system to another. In such situations, you might end up corrupting the existing file system. This eventually causes hard disk crash and leads to loss of your valuable files.

Other reasons:  Hard drive crash can also happen in cases of severe virus attack, abnormal termination of computer due to power surge, header corruption and so on. You can always make use of Remo Recover, regardless of the event that caused data loss.

Remo Recover is one of the powerful utility which can be employed easily to retrieve data off corrupt hard drive. You can execute this software on popular versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista and Windows XP. This tool has the capability to restore data from damaged hard drive and provide its preview prior to restoration

You can use the demo version of this software to know the recovery results, before you buy the full version of this software. It also equips additional features like “Save Recovery Session” which enables to save the current scanned session and ‘’Find” feature to search for the recovered files based on this extension.

Steps to retrieve data off damaged hard drive :

Step 1: Download, install, and launch the demo edition of Remo Recover software on your system. Select "Recover Partitions" option from the main screen, as shown in Fig 1. Then, the tool shows all the logical and physical disk drives available in the system. Choose the entire physical disk and click Scan button

Retrieve Data off Damaged Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, Remo Recover scans the dead hard disk to find all its partitions. Once scanning is complete, it shows all the found partitions. Choose the partition which you want to recover and click "Scan" button to initiate the recovery process as in Figure 2

Recover Data off Damaged Hard Drive - Choose Appropriate Partition

Figure 2: Choose Appropriate Partition

Step 3: After the completion of scanning and recovery process, it shows the list of recovered files in "Data View", and "File Type View" as illustrated in Figure 3.

Retrieve Data Off Corrupt Hard Drive - Recovered Data View

Figure 3: Recovered Data View

Step 4: At the end of the successful recovery process, you can preview the recovered files by right clicking on the file and selecting Preview from the displayed options, as shown in Figure 4.

Retrieve Data Off Broken Hard Drive- Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: At last, if you are satisfied with the tool, then activate the complete license key of the tool and save the recovered files

Retrieve Data Off Broken Hard Drive- Save Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files