Retrieve Data from Dead Hard Drive

What is a dead hard drive?

The term “Dead” is used, when anything does not behave/respond as expected to react. Dead hard drive means, when a user is not able to access or interact with the hard drive connected to their system. Under this situation, user is unable to access data from dead hard disk to the computer. Now the only option a user is left with is, to retrieve data from the dead hard drive and save it to another storage device.

Hard disk is dead? Really? Know it why

Most common reasons for hard disk to act as dead, is Hardware failure and software failure. Other factors which lead to dead hard disk are as follows -

  • Power supply: Improper power supply or power fluctuation like High voltage supply or even low voltage supply, lead to a dead hard disk
  • Hardware fault: Due to some manufacture defect, the hard disk could not perform as expected
  • Software errors: Sometimes, the applications you use are not reliable and make hardware to behave in unexpected way
  • Mechanical damage: Due to over performance, some components present in the hard disk drive like Read/Write head, may stop its activity. This will take hard disk to the state where it stops working
  • Human error: Sometimes, you may try hands on hard disk and perform unneeded task with the hard disk. This might lead hard disk to behave in improper way and further lead to hard disk to act as dead

How can data loss on hard drives be avoided?

  • Maintain regular back up of your sensitive data
  • Use good and reliable antivirus to protect data from virus attack
  • Always use proper power supply for the system, as mentioned by the manufacturer

How to prevent data loss from dead hard drive?

  • Avoid connecting dead hard drive to any other computer, this will decrease the chance to recover data from dead hard drive
  • Do not operate any components by yourself, unless you have good knowledge of it. This might help you to retrieve data from dead hard drive

Retrieve data from dead hard drive with Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows) is an award winning recovery tool; its capability to restore data from dead hard disk is awesome. This recovery software is developed with complex algorithm, which scans minute sectors of hard disk drive to recover lost data.

Remo Recover successfully runs on Windows based Operating System like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This software is enriched with other outstanding features which are listed below.

Features of Remo Recover:

  • Supports partitions created with FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and NTFS5
  • Simple to install and use
  • It allows you to copy data from dead hard drive
  • You can recover lost data from deleted / missing partition
  • It allows you to save recovery session, to avoid re-scan and you can resume where you had stopped

Steps to use Remo Recover:

Step 1: Download Remo Recover, install it on system and run it. Select “Recover Drives” from the main window

Restore Data from Dead Hard Disk - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on “Partition Recovery” to recover data

Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive - Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Figure 2: Partition Recovery

Step 3: Select dead hard drive and click on “Next

Access Data from Dead Hard Disk - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: On complete scan, you can see the list of recovered data as “File Type View/ Data Type View

Dead Hard Disk Data Recovery - Recovered Data with Folder Structure

Figure 4: Recovered Data

Step 5: Save the recovery session, to avoid re-scan of the whole drive.

Copy Data from Dead Hard Drive - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session