Restore DLL Files Windows 7

Comfortably recover DLL files on your Windows 7 or any other Windows running system using Remo Recover Free Demo version software.

Retrieving Windows 7 .dll files

DLL stands for Dynamic link library, these .dll files in Windows 7 are present in Program Files folder of system drive. All Windows 7 applications have particular .dll file for dynamic linking. DLL files contains data and code that can be used by one or more program at same time.

DLL files are the system files, which are most important for all the applications to run properly and perform the scheduled tasks. As these .dll files are vital for application performance, care should be taken to preserve them in proper way. Sometimes, user come across with the pop up message, showing that “.dll file is missing” or “could not find .dll file”. Under all these condition, user have to uninstall the existing application and reinstall it once again or they have to restore .dll files Windows 7.

Most of us never deal with .dll files directly, as direct interaction with user is not required by these .dll files. With all these consequences, the user is always under a doubt that, how these .dll files misses/lost from the system? What is the reason for getting pop up messages from system related to .dll files? Let’s see causes behind missing/lost .dll file.

  • Virus attack: It is the one of the major cause for .dll file missing/lost, as the primary intension of viruses are to target the application files and make damage to the application

  • Presing Shift Delete: It is always possible for a user to accidentally use the Shift Delete command on an important file, which causes the file to bypass Recycle Bin.

  • Manual deletion: Many users are not aware of the importance of these .dll to run the application properly

  • Uninstalling the application: As we know, most of the .dll files are shared by the different application, when we uninstall the particular application, it will erase the supporting .dll files from the system. When this thing happens, the application which require the same .dll file will not work properly

  • Improper installation: While installing the application onto the system, some .dll files do not get copied, due to which program will not run properly or it will not run at all

  • Power loss: Sudden power loss, when application is running, this might lead to lost/missing .dll file error

  • Changing application path: Suppose, user change the path/location of the application and forget to copy some of the .dll files lead to .dll errors

In all the above cases, restoring windows 7 .dll files is possible for user by trying some manual methods.

  • Users can note down the missing /lost .dll files and search on internet and copy the missing/lost .dll files
  • User can find the missing/lost .dll from other application and copy the same into the missing folder

What if user cannot restore .dll files Windows 7 by manual method? Then do not panic, Windows 7 .dll files recovery is very much possible with Remo Recover Windows. This software is built with such a strong algorithm, with which user can easily retrieve deleted files in Windows 8, 7, 10, and other versions of Windows operating System.

This software also supports to recover .dll files from Windows 7, Win 10, Windows 8, and also other previous OS versions like Windows XP, and Windows Vista. In addition, this software can even recover deleted files from dropbox, files which are deleted from Recycle Bin, files deleted with Shift + Delete, files lost after factory reset, etc.

Features of Remo Recover Windows:

Steps to recover .dll files using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover on your computer. Launch the software and when the main screen opens, select the option labelled Recover Files and choose the drive to recover data. Then click Scan for the scan to begin

Retrieving Windows 7 Dll - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: The drive is scanned and once the scan completes, all the found files are displayed. You can use the File Type View to sort files based on file types.

Windows 7 Dll Files Recovery - File Type View

Figure 2: File Type View

Step 3: Enjoy a free preview of recovered files

Retrieve Dll Files from Windows 7 - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally, click Browse to select a destination and save them

Restoring Windows 7 Dll Files - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files