Fix PowerPoint Template

A Microsoft Office PowerPoint template is a predefined pattern for PowerPoint slides that can be saved as .potx file. The templates can contain settings, formats, layouts, theme animations, font settings, backgrounds, text and more. You can design your own custom templates and save them or chose from any predefined templates to work with any new PowerPoint document. Applying templates to a PowerPoint file is as easy as selecting the .potx file and applying it to the PowerPoint document.

Similar to any other Office file, a PowerPoint template too can get corrupt or inaccessible leading you to a situation wherein you have to repair PowerPoint template. The reason can be anything - from virus infection to improper save action. Sometimes, it is even possible that the .potx files are perfectly fine today and then all of a sudden turn inaccessible the next day. There are however a few of the most common actions described below, that can cause a PowerPoint template to get corrupt or damaged. Have a glance at them before proceeding with performing PowerPoint template fix using Remo Repair PPT.

Few of the most common actions that can cause a PowerPoint template to get corrupt or damaged are:

  • To top the list, viruses and malwares are the most common things known to harm or damage POTX files on your Windows PC. When a volume that is holding POTX files gets contaminated with viruses, it easily damages them to make them inaccessible
  • Downloading or moving PowerPoint files improperly or over faulty client networks can corrupt these files and make them inaccessible. For example, the PowerPoint template files will be inaccessible if they are incompletely downloaded or are broken. Similarly the PowerPoint template files can get corrupt if they face any errors while transferring them from any location to another
  • Tampering with the file extensions of .potx files due to any reasons can damage PowerPoint files. For example, incorrectly changing the file format of PowerPoint template files may result in corruption.
  • Accessing the Microsoft PowerPoint files using any unreliable third party applications or any Antivirus tools can corrupt .potx document. An antivirus will disable any PowerPoint template files if it suspects any malicious activity linked with those files
  • Saving large sized PowerPoint templates incorrectly can easily corrupt them as large sized POTX files are more likely to get corrupt than the normal sized ones as they contain large number of formats and settings
  • Facing power outages or similar abruptions while accessing PowerPoint templates on your PC can corrupt them easily as they won’t be saved correctly

All these or similar scenarios can lead a PowerPoint template to get corrupted on your PC. But those files are easily repairable if you use Remo Repair PPT to repair PowerPoint template files. Read on to know how does Remo Repair PPT becomes a best option to repair PowerPoint template files.

Allowing Remo Repair PPT to fix PowerPoint template files:

Using Remo Repair PPT to repair PPT template files is the best option as it is a professional Microsoft PowerPoint file repairer for resolving almost all kinds of issues in PowerPoint files, irrespective of the cause for file corruptions. It allows a user to scan a corrupt POTX file, fix any errors in it and view all of its contents using the software’s built-in preview window. Even if the PowerPoint files are beyond repair or the tool is not able to successfully perform PowerPoint template repair due to extensive damage, you can still extract most of its information using Remo Repair PPT. All these factors make this amazing tool a best option to accomplish PowerPoint template fix.

Steps for repairing PowerPoint template files using Remo Repair PPT:

1. Download, install and run Remo Repair PPT on your PC. Browse the PowerPoint template that you want to fix using "Browse" option.

Repairing PowerPoint Templatee - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

2. Repair process is initiated by the software once you click on "Repair" option . Wait for process to get completed.

Repair PPT Template - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair Progress

3. Once the repair is successfully completed, you can view the repaired PowerPoint template file using "Preview File" option.

PowerPoint Template Repairr - Preview Window

Figure 3: Preview File

4. Use "Save" option in order to save the repaired PowerPoint template files to any desired volume on your PC.

PowerPoint Template Fix - Save Screen

Figure 4: Save Files