PowerPoint Run Time Error Fix

How to Fix PowerPoint files?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is invented by Microsoft Corporation. It is a presentation tool to create and manipulate digital presentations. Presentations of slide-shows can be created and accessed using this helpful application. It was originally developed for Windows OS and Mac Operating systems but now-a-days it runs on Smartphones, Phablets, Notepads, etc. as well, to view and access presentation works. This application from Microsoft is approximated to carry out more than 95% of all digital slide-show works across the globe. With more than one billion installations to date, MS PowerPoint is by far, the supreme tool available in this field. MS PowerPoint files are stored with various file formats for various type of files – “PPT, POP, PPS, PPTX, PPTM, POTX, POTM, PPAM, PPSX, PPSM, SLDX, SLDMbased on the file type.

What is Run Time error in Microsoft PowerPoint?

A run time error is a hardware or software error that averts a program from running properly. Run time errors are known to cause data corruptions and deletions making that program or any particular feature inaccessible. When you try to run MS Office PowerPoint, an error message is flashed on your screen that looks something like this: “Runtime error R6025. Pure virtual function call”. This is caused due to many reasons like incompatibility issues between PowerPoint and Server clients and other issues. Let’s just rush over few obvious causes of run time errors without getting to the depth of it in order to look how to repair PowerPoint run time error.

  • The most notorious one is a Virus or malware infection
  • Bugs in PowerPoint or faulty softwares
  • Compressing and / or decompressing the PPT files with the help of untrusted third party applications
  • Ending PowerPoint in a wrong way or terminating the program while still accessing its files, and closing down the software while ongoing Save process
  • The PPT files or any other files can get corrupt if the hard disk containing those files fails to store them securely
  • Physical impact to the volume consisting of those files will make the PPT files inaccessible
  • Errors with online servers: receiving PPT files over faulty client servers
  • Improper PPT file transferring between computers and other devices
  • Other unpreventable damages like sudden power outages, system crashes, low memory problems, etc. can cause a PPT file to get corrupt
  • Simultaneously running two applications that aren’t compatible with each other


Procedure to repair PowerPoint run time error:

  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint on the computer that has run time errors. This might help repair PowerPoint run time error if there are minor errors with the program
  • Check for a solution to fix PowerPoint run time error with the help of Windows Action Centre. If the error reporting option is turned on, Windows automatically sends error notes every time run time error occurs. So you can try to take help in there’s a solution available
  • Make sure your PC has enough RAM memory freely available to run PowerPoint smoothly
  • Install and run any good Antivirus tool to detect and perform PowerPoint run time error repair on your computer

If these methods are not able to help you in repairing PowerPoint run time error, it’s pretty sure the MS PowerPoint files are corrupt beyond repair. You will have to let a powerful PPT repair tool like Remo Repair PPT perform run time error fix in PowerPoint and make those PowerPoint files re-accessible.

Remo Repair a widely recommended tool in these situations that helps you to instantly repair corrupt PowerPoint file. You can use the demo version of this tool for free of cost with which you can scan, fix and preview the recovered PPT files.




Steps to Recover from Microsoft PowerPoint Runtime errors:

1. Download, install and run Remo Repair PPT on your computer. Browse the corrupt PPT files and click on Repair option.

Repair Powerpoint Runtime Error - Main Screen

2. Wait for the tool to fix corrupted PPT file.

Repairing Powerpoint Runtime Error - Repair Progress

3. Once the repair is complete, Preview the recovered PPT files.

Powerpoint Runtime Error Repair - Preview Window

4. Use Save option to save the repaired PowerPoint files on any drive.

Fix Powerpoint Runtime Error - Save Screen