How to Extract Large RAR Files

Facing error while extracting large RAR files? It might be due to corruption in RAR file. Remo RAR Repair tool could be handy in extracting large RAR files. Download the free Remo RAR Repair tool below, and extract your files from large RAR archive in three quick steps. Try now!!!

What is a RAR file?

RAR file (.rar) is the archive file format that helps you in compressing and decompressing of files and folders, helps in fixing RAR errors and file spanning. WinRAR employs compression technique to compress and store all data in the form of .rar files. Any data- files / folders can be saved in RAR files with the help of WinRAR that simplifies your file storing and transferring.

How to access RAR files?

In order to create and access all RAR files one has to install WinRAR tool on the computer. WinRAR application helps you to create and extract RAR files. This is specifically beneficial while downloading and uploading any data from or to the internet. Sharing and saving data in .rar file format has many advantages:

  • Large amount of files and folders can be archived into a single .rar file in its compressed form. This helps in maintaining the contents safe and secure with ease.
  • Gigantic sized files / folders can be saved on any volume easily as a compressed .rar file as it occupies less memory.
  • Downloading and / or uploading RAR files over the internet is easier as it consumes less data.
  • Various file sizes from the range starting from 20 bytes to file sizes exceeding 1TB can be effortlessly stored as a single RAR file.


As convenient and as helpful the RAR files are, they are as prone to errors and corruptions too, as WinRAR is an open sourced application. Large sized RAR files are particularly easier to get corrupt and inaccessible and are more vulnerable to errors.

Large RAR files may contain many important files and information and you certainly don’t want to lose access to them.

Follow the steps in order to repair large RAR files:

  • Run WinRAR program and select the RAR file that is to be repaired. Select Tools button and click on the Repair button. The WinRAR will now try to fix the error.
  • In case the RAR file has .zip extension, select the option “treat the corrupt file as ZIP or select the preferred option available and hit OK button.
  • Once the repair is finished, close the WinRAR program and then select the repaired file and extract it on the same folder.
  • Now you can try to open the files in that folder.


If you were unable to repair RAR file using this technique then you need not worry as we are here to help you in this situation. Now you can repair large RAR files efficiently while being assured to retain all of its contents using the reliable Remo Repair tool.

Remo Repair is the right tool to repair corrupt RAR files as it is absolutely free for trial and you can as well view all the retrieved contents even before saving those files back on to your computer. You can perform large RAR file repair with ease using the user-friendly yet powerful interface of Remo Repair. You can fix large RAR files as well as normal sized RAR files using this tool.

Fix large RAR files that are corrupt by following these simple steps:

Steps to repair large sized RAR files

Step 1: Download Remo Repair RAR and install in on your system and run it.

Repair Large RAR Files - Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the files that are to be fixedr and click on Repair button. Remo tool will scan and begin the repair process.

Large RAR Files Repair - Browse File

Step 3: Once the repair process is complete, Remo Repair tool displays the list of fixed RAR files.

Repairing Large RAR Files - Preview

Step 4: Choose the storage device to save the repaired RAR files using Save option

Repair Large Sized RAR Files - Save