How to Repair Damaged MOV Files?

Fix your damaged MOV video files that are not playing in any media players, using the free Remo MOV Repair tool. Download the free software and fix your corrupt MOV and MP4 video files for free now!!!

Sometimes, if you accidentally turn off your digital camera or remove the memory cards from the camera while recording an MOV file or trying to play the video on any unsupported players or any interruptions happened while transferring MOV video, you may end up with video file corrupted.

Well, this page explains a sophisticated procedure that deal with QuickTime MOV files that have been corrupt due to any reasons.

Software to repair corrupt MOV file - Remo Repair MOV

The application Remo MOV File Repair will fix corrupt MOV files and damaged MP4 videos in few easy steps. You can notice that the quality of the video will remain intact after the repair process. The application creates a new file and transfer all repaired elements to the new file, so that the source file will not be affected.

Further, the tool works parallel on the video file codecs. It separates video and audio codecs, looks for any synching problems or other corruption issues, and then carefully repairs them making the video a perfect synchronized one!

How to fix corrupt MOV file?

You can easily repair MOV video files after corruption in just few steps by downloading Remo Repair MOV and following below mentioned steps:

  • Click on Download Now button
  • Once downloading process is completed, install and launch the application by double - clicking on the downloaded file (remo-repair-mov.exe)
  • From the main window, select a healthy MOV file that is having the same codec as the corrupt MOV video by clicking on Healthy File option as a reference
  • Next choose the path of the MOV file that is not playing by clicking on the Corrupted File button
  • Now, press Repair button to start the MOV video file repair process
  • After completion of the repair process, you can preview the repaired file by clicking on Preview button
  • Click Save to save the MOV file on a desired location

If you are looking to repair MOV file that is not playing, then employ above steps and easily fix the issue. What’s more, if you have MP4 file that is not playing or it has been damaged, then also the software is helpful in troubleshooting the issue.

Features of Remo MOV Video Repair tool

  • Securely fixes all issues on video file in just few steps
  • Fixes corruption in MOV and MP4 files that is not playable on QuickTime player, VLC, player, windows Media Player, etc.
  • Repairs damaged video files that are recorded on camcorders, digital cameras, smartphones, and other digital storage devices
  • Provides free preview of repaired videos before saving them
  • Easy to use interface and simple steps makes the video repair process easier and simpler

Additional information

Mentioned below are a few common situations that end up in corrupting your MOV files and making them unplayable:

  • Improper Termination of Transfer Process: MOV file gets damaged when any error occurs in the bit pattern or structure of the file. The file structure is more likely to get damaged when you face power failures or sudden system turn off during the file transfer process, causing the Input/output operation to terminate leaving the MOV files popping out error message while trying to play in any media player.
  • Unsupported Media Player: Opening MOV files on unsupported media player can damage its header which makes the data part inaccessible. In the severe case it can alter and corrupt the file.
  • Converting MOV to another Format: MOV file conversion needs to be done carefully. Using a third party application that is not apt for MOV file conversion can cause damage its file format. Furthermore, corruption may also happen if any sort of interruption is encountered during the conversion process.
  • Storage Media Corruption: Chances are there that the MOV files on storage media may be more prone to corruption, if it has bad sectors or it is logically corrupt due to hardware faults, virus infection, failures software conflicts, etc.

Tips to avoid MOV file corruption

  • Avoid any type of interruption in between MOV file transfer process.
  • Create backup of important MOV files so that you don’t have to worry much in the event of MOV file corruption.