Repair Damaged Memory Card Videos

AVI, DIVX, and XVID Video files stored in the memory card not playing? Are your video files stored in the memory card got damaged? Then, utilize Remo AVI Repair Tool to fix your corrupt video files and preview them for free before saving. Download the tool now, and try for free!!!

Repairing Damaged Memory Card Video – Remo Repair AVI

“Hi. There’s a situation. Please help! I have a 32 GB micro memory card which I make use of to store all my personal collection of movies and videos. It is a very convenient means for me to carry all my favorite videos and other stuff in my phone along with me wherever I go. For quite a while now, I did not use the memory card as I sold off my phone and it was stored securely at my home. I recently got a new phone and installed the memory card it to view some of the important videos in it. But the videos seem to be broken and are not responsive. I wonder how on earth that happened as those files were perfectly in normal working condition when I last saw them. Is there any way to fix corrupt SD card videos available? Thanks in advance.”

Repairing Damaged Memory Card Video – Remo Repair AVI

It is not infrequent that the stored data on a memory card such as videos in this case, to get corrupt or damaged.  There is a certain reason for data corruption in all situations as it is impossible to happen randomly. Before beginning with the procedure to repair damaged memory card video, let’s casually go through few of the causes for video file damage on a memory volume. Below are the few of the most common ones gathered that can cause video corruption which may be helpful for you and many others.

Sources for video file errors and damages on memory cards:

  • Improper sharing of the memory card video files is one amongst the main reasons which can cause error messages and corruptions to occur with those files
  • Power related problems such as power outages or variations in voltages while accessing or moving the video files from your storage media to the computer or vice versa
  • Converting the video files to any other video file formats using unreliable third party converters and any interruptions if encountered during the conversion can harm those files
  • Errors in header information of the video file can cause errors such as video inaccessible or damage forcing you to repair damaged memory card video
  • Downloading broken video files via internet unknowingly or downloading video files over faulty client servers will certainly result in that video being damaged
  • Moving the video files from one platform to another frequently can cause errors in them. For instance, moving video files from Windows to phone or from other storage devices to computers
  • Using the same memory card on multiple platforms, like on Smartphones and on cameras. Likewise inserting and ejecting the memory card frequently or incorrectly too can result in corrupt memory card
  • Severe virus attack on the memory card can lead to damaged memory cards, which inturn may corrupt the video files stored in them

Remo Repair AVI to fix damaged memory card videos:

Remo Repair AVI is the ultimate software for fixing damaged memory card videos and for addressing all those errors and corruptions which are encountered while trying to play video files normally. No matter how relentlessly the memory card video files are damaged or what the cause for file corruption is, Remo Repair AVI tool can repair corrupt memory card videos efficiently by performing rigorous error fix. You can preview the repaired video files by playing a part of the movie even before storing them back to any volume, once the video file is repaired successfully.

Steps for repairing damaged memory card videos with Remo Repair AVI:

Step 1: Download, install and run Remo Repair AVI on your Windows computer. Select the video file that is to be repaired using “Browse” option.

Fix Damaged Memory Card Videos - Select Video File

Figure 1: Select AVI File

Step 2: Click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. The software starts the scanning process to repair the video file and the it can be viewed in the progress bar.

Damaged Video Fix on Memory Card - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: , Preview the repaired memory card video file using "Preview" option on completion of the repair session.

Fixing Damaged Memory Card Videos - Preview Video File

Figure 3: Preview Video File

Step 4: Ssave the repaired memory card video file to any secure location on your computer using "Save" option.

Fix Corrupted Memory Card Videos - Save Repaired Video File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Video File