Repair Corrupt Word 2000 Document

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Repairing Corrupt Word 2000 Document

Microsoft developed a word processing program called Microsoft Word which comes as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Word 2000 was the 9th version of this software released in the year 1999 included in Office 2000. A Microsoft Word 2000 document stores its files in .doc binary file format. This software is used by majority of the people worldwide to create, edit and process word information.

Is your Microsoft Word 2000 document corrupt? The built-in Repair and Open option not helping in fixing corrupt Word 2000 document? Read along to know how a Word document gets corrupt and what the measures to be taken in order to repair corrupt Word 2000 document are. Finally, why is Remo Repair Word the best Word file fix tool to effectively repair corrupt Word 2000 document.

This is how Word 2000 documents can get corrupt or damaged:

  • There are possibilities such as hardware defects, software related errors and more. But the most potential threat to Word documents comes from macro viruses. Macros, in Word, are a series of instructions which expand to a set of commands to perform certain automated tasks which may be harmful to the Word documents
  • Other factors include accidental actions like improper file transfer - moving of the Word 2000 files in a wrong manner from one platform to another; deleting the Word files using accidentally and recovering them using any unreliable data recovery tool; interrupting power surges or outages while handling Word files
  • Making use of Fast Save options to save word file, editing a sub-file within a master Word file or unintentionally erasing the Section Breaks of the Word file
  • Having large sized Word files can easily get corrupt as these files are more viable to errors than the small sized ones
  • Software related errors such as a virus infection or an antivirus cleanup; faults during compressing or decompressing Word files; errors in downloading Word files via email

Methods to repair corrupt Word 2000 document:

As you’ve got an idea how Microsoft Word 2000 files gets corrupted, let’s find out how to fix corrupt Word 2000 documents and before that, make sure if the Word files are really corrupt or inaccessible using the Windows computer.

  • Try opening the Word 2000 file through another computer or export it to a different file format. Changing the file format resolves minor issues in Word file, if there are any
  • Re-download the Word file that is corrupt or restore it from a backup, if any

If these techniques are not helping you in recovering your corrupt Word files then you will have to use powerful Word repair tool such as Remo Repair Word to reliably perform corrupt Word 2000 document repair

Using Remo Repair Word to implement corrupt Word 2000 document fix:

Remo Repair Word involuntarily scans for any errors and corruptions in the Word 2000 documents and addresses them effectively while retaining all its contents including objects, graphs, words, and settings. This tool can easily repair multiple / large sized / password protected / encrypted Word 2000 files. Apart from addressing Word 2000 docs, Remo Repair Word can address other Microsoft Office Word documents such as Word 2003, 2007 and all later versions. The simple user interface of this tool allows you to preview all contents of the Word 2000 document that have been fixed making you totally convinced before going for the full version of Remo Repair Word.

Steps to repair corrupt Word 2000 documents using Remo Repair Word:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair Word on a Windows computer. Browse the corrupt Word 2000 file and click "Repair" button.

Fix Corrupt Word 2000 Documents - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the application starts the repair process, you can view the repair progress through progress screen

Fixing Corrupt Word 2000 Document - Repair in Progress

Figure B: Repairing Progress

Step 3: After the repair process gets complete, you can preview the Word 2000 document by using "Preview File" option.

Corrupt Word 2000 Document Repair - Preview Repaired File

Figure C: Preview Repaired Word 2000 File

Step 4: Click on "Save" button to save the repaired Word 2000 document to any selected location.

Corrupt Word 2000 Document Fix - Save Repaired File

Figure D: Save Repaired Word 2000 File