Repair Corrupt PST Files of any Outlook Version

Want to repair a corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file with ease? download Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and securely repair the .pst file. The read-only tool works without altering the original PST or any of the Outlook items for a safer repair process.


Instantly repair Outlook PSTs

PST files – short for Personal Storage Table are files that are created and accessed by Microsoft Outlook application. MS Outlook stores all its contents like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, appointments etc. from a particular profile in a unique file called the PST file with extension .pst.

As a result, these PST files contain lots of important data and losing them can be tremendously painful. Users lose Outlook data usually due to corruption or damage to the PST file. But thanks to Remo Repair, you can now repair corrupt PST files and retrieve all its contents with ease on all versions of Outlook. Just visit the link provided to know about Outlook 2016 PST file repair.

To begin with, let’s understand the causes for PST file corruptions

  • The header of the PST is altered or broken as a result of virus or any other malware infections. Due to this PST file become inaccessible but you can easily fix it. To know more visit this link-
  • Another cause for PST file corruption could be due to closing Outlook when the file is being accessed. Other similar reasons can be unexpected terminations of the application, system crashes and so on.
  • Also, tampering with the PST files using any third party tools for moving or compressing / decompressing purpose can cause damage your PST files
  • Other reasons may include corruption in database, malfunctioning of the Outlook, storing PST file on server etc.
  • Since PST files grow in size continuously with the addition of every new email or contact, it is possible it may become oversized after a certain point. These oversized PST files are subject to corruption.

How to repair corrupt PST files?

Remo Repair is one of the most trusted Outlook repair tools available. It can be used to repair corrupt or damaged PST files. Once the PST file is repaired by the tool, just import it to Outlook to recover all its attributes like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Listed below are some unique features Remo Repair Outlook (PST) offers:

  • It can work with inaccessible or over-sized PST files
  • Has the ability to recover deleted emails from Outlook
  • Can be used to repair corrupt PST file in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2007, 2003, etc.
  • The repaired PST file is available in Outlook 2003-2016 format to make it easy for import

Easily perform PST file repair by following these steps

Step 1: : Install and run the demo version of Remo Repair PST on your Windows computer. Run the tool to open the main screen. Here click ‘Open PST file’ for you to choose the PST file or click ‘Find PST file’ for the software to choose the PST file automatically.

Repair Corrupt PST Files  - Select Action

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: If you select Open PST file, then you will need to select the PST file to repair by clicking on ‘Browse’.

Repair Corrupt PST Files  - Main Screen

Figure 2: Browse PST file to repair

Step 3: Next, select a scanning option from the two options: Normal or Smart Scan and choose the path to save the repaired file. Then click Repair for the software to start the repair process

Repair Corrupt PST Files  - Select Destination and click Repair

Figure 3: Select Destination and click Repair

Step 4: Once the repair process is complete, preview the repaired PST file

Repair Corrupt PST Files  - Preview Window

Figure 4: Preview Window