Repair Corrupt PST File Outlook 2003

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Effectively Fix Corrupt Outlook 2003 PST Files

Microsoft Outlook 2003 introduced the first major haul in the user interface since Microsoft Outlook 97 version. It included various design improvements and performance enhancements. However, various versions of Outlook have been released timely since then which are far more advanced and efficient that its predecessors. But many users refuse to update to the latest versions of Microsoft Office Outlook and are still using Outlook 2003 to access Emails and other Outlook related tasks. With the enormous advancement in softwares and programs there’s also been a sufficient increase in malicious softwares and numerous types of harmful viruses, which the older versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003 and its predecessors may not be capable of resisting. Due to this, the Outlook files such as PST, OST, etc. that are created by MS Outlook 2003 program and older versions are more prone and fragile towards all sorts of actions that tend to corrupt the Outlook files. Nevertheless, if you are one among the users who are using the old Outlook 2003 for reasons best known to you and somehow managed to corrupt Outlook 2003 PST files, well this page’s for you in order to help you learn how to repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2003 and later versions.

PST files- shorthand for Personal Storage Table are data containers of MS Outlook application in a .pst file format where all information about a particular Outlook account such as Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar entries, Journals and more is stored. These files are stored locally on the system drive and can be accessed by an Outlook program only. Below are a few commonly encountered scenarios that can corrupt an Outlook file.

General actions or scenarios that cause Outlook PST files to get corrupt and inaccessible:

  • The header data of the Outlook 2003 PST file is modified or broken due to any unfortunate action such as virus or a malware infection, system level corruptions and the like
  • Another major cause for Outlook 2003 PST file corruption could be abruptions in power while accessing the Outlook program. Similar actions can be sudden terminations of the Outlook program, system crashes, program stopped responding, etc.
  • Tampering or modifying with the Outlook 2003 PST files using any untrusted third party softwares for moving, compressing or decompressing Outlook PST files can easily cause damage to the PST files
  • Other reasons may comprise of corruptions in file directory, malfunctioning of the Outlook 2003 application, errors in online servers and similar errors  while accessing Outlook 2003 files

Repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2003 and other errors:

Now it’s the time for some good news! No matter if the Outlook 2003 files are corrupt or how they got corrupt, there’s a tool available named Remo Repair PST to repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2003. It is an effective and reliable app which can repair corrupt Outlook 2003 PST files and restores all its contents in the same manner as it were prior to data corruption. You can perform corrupt Outlook 2003 PST file repair easily and instantly using the user friendly interface of this amazing utility. Beside this, the software also helps you in repairing corrupt PST file Outlook 2010 in just few simple steps. So just download and follow the below mention steps to instantly perform corrupt PST file Outlook 2003 fix.

Steps to repair corrupt Outlook 2003 PST files using Remo Repair PST app:

Step 1: : Install and run Remo Repair PST on your Windows computer. Browse for the corrupt PST files and select "Next" button.

Fix Corrupt Outlook 2003 PST Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select appropriate repair option to proceed with the Outlook 2003 PST repair process.

Repair Corrupt Outlook 2003 PST Files - Select Action

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: Select the drive where you wish to store the repaired PST file and click on “Next” to begin scanning process.

Corrupt Outlook 2003 PST File Repair - Select Destination

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once scanning process is finished, you can as well view the repaired PST 2013 files along with all its contents.

Corrupt PST File Outlook 2003 Fix - Preview

Figure 4: Preview Window