Repair Corrupt PSD File

Use Remo Repair PSD to repair corrupt or damaged PSD files while retaining all its attributes and layers. Works with all versions of Photoshop and Windows. Try it for free today!

Fix Corrupt PSD File

Adobe Photoshop is an exclusive picture editing tool designed and developed by Adobe Systems, particularly for images and graphic creation as well as editing purpose. Adobe developed many versions of Adobe Photoshop software and released it timely over the years that included vital enhancements, updates and superior features. Millions of professional and home users world-wide utilize Adobe Photoshop to digitally develop, modify, enhance and handle images and graphics.

Any work done in Photoshop is saved as a Photoshop document in PSD / PDD / PSB file format. A professional user can develop a Photoshop file sometimes containing hundreds of layers and designs of complex image / graphics. These are sophisticated designs created for professional purpose like gaming, professional photography, etc.

These complex files are more prone to corruptions and damage and hence require additional care to be taken. However in spite of best care taken, there can be many reasons for a PST file to get corrupt, out of which the most known ones are highlighted below.

Reasons for a PSD document to get corrupt

  • You are editing a file in Photoshop and suddenly the system crashes. This can easily lead the Photoshop file to get corrupt and inaccessible
  • Viruses and other malicious software in the drive where Photoshop software is installed can cause infection to your PSD file. Likewise, any third party application like Antivirus tool can corrupt the PSD file while trying to scan and fix the virus infected file
  • Other actions for Photoshop files to get corrupted can be sudden power outages and unexpected system crashes, incorrect file moving, force terminating the Photoshop application while handling files, a poor or faulty program and other similar issues
  • Recovering a deleted PSD file using an unreliable data recovery tool can lead to corruption in the PSD file

Remo Repair PSD - Software to repair corrupt PSD File:

In case your PSD file got corrupted due to any of the above mentioned reasons or due to other unknown reasons and you don’t have a backup copy, you need not worry as we can help you repair corrupt PSD file using Remo Repair PSD software.

Remo Repair is an outstanding PSD repair tool that will repair corrupt Photoshop file by retaining all the original contents and layers. In addition to PSD files, Remo Repair PSD can also be used to repair PDD files.

Some highlights of Remo Repair PSD tool

  • Reliable PSD repair tool- Retain all the contents and layers of the PSD files as it were prior to damage
  • Perform corrupt PSD file fix even for severely damaged files- Remo Corrupt Photoshop file repair software fixes Photoshop files that are severely damaged by virus or due to any other reasons
  • Provides complete transparency- You can preview all fixed files before going for the complete version of Remo Repair tool in order to make corrupt PSD file repair an easy and painless task
  • A clean and user friendly interface- Easily perform PSD corrupted file repair in few simple steps that are described in the section below.
  • Customer care- Technical guidance available round the clock
  • This tool works on all major releases of Windows OS and Photoshop to repair damaged PSD file

  • Steps to repair corrupt PSD files using Remo Repair PSD tool:

    Step 1: : Install and run Remo Repair on your computer and select the corrupt PSD files using "Browse".

    Repair Damaged PSD File - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: You shall see the progress screen after you hit the "Repair" button..

    PSD Corrupted File Repair - Progress Bar

    Figure 2: Repair Process

    Step 3: Once the repair process is complete, preview all the repaired PSD files using "Preview".

    Corrupt PSD File Repair - Preview Files

    Figure 3: Preview Files

    Step 4: Save files on any desired location using "Save" option.

    Corrupt PSD File Fix - Save Files

    Figure 4: Save Rescued Items