Fixing AVI Files

Best Way to Mend AVI File

Imagine a situation where you downloaded a favorite movie taking one whole day and suddenly the video seems to be corrupted. It’s very annoying isn’t it? Sometimes you delete your AVI files with anger and continue with your work and sometimes you are not able to play avi video. But did you ever know that such AVI videos can be easily fixed? Seems unbelievable?? Just continue reading this page to know how this is possible.

AVI is the well know file format of video file that you generally see on Windows and Mac systems. It occupies large space due to its high video and audio output. It generally played on media players like VLC, DIVX etc. This format is more effective than other video formats as it contains best clarity and other playback features. Unfortunately, at specific situations these videos become unplayable due to damage. It is difficult to predict the reasons behind such corruption on the files. If you want your healthy video file back the best option you can go for is Remo Repair. This effective tool has the capability to find the errors on your damaged AVI video files and fix them efficiently on your system.

Factors that provokes corruption on AVI files:

Malware infection: When you download some videos from different harmful sites, the antivirus warns you about the infectious programs. These harmful programs infect the other AVI files on system causes AVI file corruption by altering its structure. As a result of this, the AVI videos stops responding when it is played on the media player

Power outages:  Power fluctuations are the general problem seen across the cities. Such power outages can cause a major impact on your computer. If the system shutdowns suddenly when the AVI are played, it fails to save the changes to its structure and makes the AVI video unplayable. Hence, one should always use a UPS system to avoid such accidents

Compressing files using unreliable source:  AVI file have huge file size as it provides a high video and audio structure. To manage the space on the drives, people make use of some unreliable applications and try to compress their AVI videos. Due to this, they subsequently end up damaging their AVI files

Apart from the above mentioned scenario there are several other reasons for damaged AVI file like CRC errors, codec problems, file system corruption. In all these events, one was easily trust on Remo Repair to repair AVI file and fix the issues efficiently. This application ensures that the corrupted AVI file gets transformed to a new healthy AVI video. This newly generated video can be saved on any of the storage devices such as USB, internal and external hard disk, memory cards and more. Moreover, it is completely safe to use this application, as it does not alter your original AVI file in anyway. Besides this, you can use this software to mend XVID and DIVX videos.

Remo Repair can be implemented on operating system versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows server (2008 and 2003). Due to its simple interface, repairing AVI files is achieved in smoother and easier way. So, why wait?? Start downloading the demo version of the tool to fix avi file and experience the real time results.

Step by step procedure to repair AVI file:

Step 1: To begin the repair process, download the software on your Windows system and install it

Step 2:  Now execute the software and select the damaged AVI file using the browse option.

Step 3: After selecting the file, click on the “Repair” option for mending AVI files.

Step 4:  After a while the software displays the screen with a preview option. Click on it and preview the fixed AVI video

Step 5: Finally after preview, save the repaired AVI file by purchasing the software online

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