Recover Data from Reformatted Laptop

Can the Data of the Reformatted Laptop be Recovered?

Of course..! You can recover data from the reformatted laptop, that too at your fingertips, surprise to hear? Don’t be, because it’s true; due to rapid advancement in the field of data recovery, today it is possible to restore digital information that is lost as a consequence of reformatting or formatting. So, for all those user who wonder "How Can I Recover Data From Reformatted Laptop?" - Remo Recover is your pick! Remo Recover is an excellent recovery tool that is specially designed to retrieve data from reformatted or formatted laptop hard drives. Not just laptop, data from desktop and other drives can also be recovered using this laptop recovery software.

Why only to pick Remo Recover for Formatted / Reformatted Laptop Data Recovery?

Although there are other tools, but Remo Recover is the most secure software to recover data from reformatted laptop, because of which it is used and recommended by majority of the users all around the world. Software is packed with advance and strong data recovery modules and capable of retrieving information from severe data lost scenarios. Remo Recover is build by the team of skilled professionals, who have years of experience in data recovery field. Software ranks top in its class and efficient enough of recover data from laptop after format. Utility is compatible with all most all Windows operating system versions, including the recently launched Windows 8. If you are wondering how to retrieve files from HP laptop after formatting or from a Vio laptop when it is formatted, then don’t worry!! Remo Tool can recover formatted laptops of the brands like, Sony, Dell, HP, Acer, etc. as it supports data retrieval from all famous brands of laptops.

Reformatting is a regular practice, that is carried out by users to change file system of drive or partition on their laptops. However, there are many reasons, which results the same. Just assume this scenario; you reformatted your laptop in order upgrade file system from FAT to NTFS, and hopefully process gets completed successfully. But, while browsing on laptop you find that files and folders are missing from it, this problem grows bigger, if you lack the necessary backup. Don’t worry..! You can get over this kind of data loss crisis; all you need to do is make use of Remo Recover. Before that, let’s see reasons for reformatting of a laptop.

Why to Reformat?

  • To improve the performance of laptop, reformatting might be and change it's file system.
  • At the time of new operating system installation, reformatting is carried out.
  • To deal with severe virus infection reformatting or formatting is preferred.

Stunning Features of Remo Recover…!

  • Remo Recover is equipped with smart scanning algorithms using, which it can search files over 300 and more using their unique file type.
  • Support recovery of data from hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA and other USB drives like pen drives, memory cards, SD cards etc.
  • Software is capable of recovering photos, videos, audios, documents and other computer information in a few simple steps.
  • “Find” option provided by software, help you to search files on the bases of size, name, file type, date.
  • You can even restore data from laptop hard drive that has bad sectors.
  • By making use of “save recovery session” option, you can save the present recovery session for future use.
  • Remo Recover is designed in such as way that even a new computer user can also retrieve data from reformatted laptop on its own.

Note : Remove your reformatted laptop disk and plug it to a healthy desktop computer to carry out laptop data recovery.

Simple steps to recover data from reformatted laptop:

Step 1: Download the demo version of the software and install it. On running the software Main screen gets appear with two different options. Choose "Recover Partitions" option. Then, immediately it shows the logical and physical disks available in the system. Select the appropriate disk and click "Scan" button

Recover Formatted Laptop - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Upon the completion of scanning the disk, it shows all its partitions that are present currently, and that were present before you reformatted the disk. Choose the reformatted partition and click "Scan" option to start the recovery process, as shown in figure 2.

Reformatted Laptop Recovery- Select Reformatted Partition

Figure 2: Select Reformatted Partition

Step 3: Once scanning and recovery is done, it shows the recovered files in "File Type View", and "Data Type View" as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Formatted Laptop - Recovered Data View

Figure 3: Recovered Data View

Step 4: At last of the recovery process, the tool allows to preview the recovered files and evaluate its recovery results before saving the files, as shown in Figure 4.

Retrieve Data from Reformatted Laptop - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Once you are satisfied by software you can purchase and save the recovered data as shown in Figure 5.

Can the Data of the Reformatted Laptop be Recovered - Save Recovered Data

Figure 5: Save Recovered Data