Restore Unbootable Windows 10 Hard Drive Data

How is it possible to restore files from unbootable Windows 10? The professional hard drive recovery software – Remo Recover Partition is available to offer effective solution for recovering data from unbootable Windows 10 hard drive.

Consider this situation,

“I did not know how it happened, but it did confuse me for quite a long time. Yesterday, I came home after work and started my computer, planning to send a file to my colleague.

But when I tried to start my computer, it turned out that it became unbootable. This means that I cannot get access to the hard drive. Meanwhile, I could not send the file to my colleague now. What can I do? I need a reliable solution to help me retrieve files from the unbootable hard drive. If you have any good suggestions, please help me out. Thank you."

Recovering data from an unbootable Windows 10 hard drive

If you are a victim of the above mentioned scenario, then, what will be your first step to recover data from an unbootable Windows 10 hard drive? Well, the very first thing that you should take is to stop using your PC. This is the ever most important thing to protect your data security in the hard drive.

Next, for unbootable Windows 10 hard drive data recovery, choose a professional recovery software and let it help you out. A highly recommended software – Remo Partition Recovery here is available to offer you the most secure and 100% risk-free options to retrieve files from unbootable hard drive or solve other cases like how to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors, restore formatted Windows 10 partition, etc. The early you start using this software, the more you can recover data from your hard drive.


Steps to retrieve data from unbootable Windows 10

Remo Partition Recovery Utility is a simple yet easy solution to be selected when you are experiencing any unbootable issues with your Windows. It helps in retrieving different types of files from an unbootable hard drive in easy 3-4 steps.

You’ll also gain help in solving data troubles including how to recover deleted partition, lost hard drive partition, corrupted partition and other similar cases.

Step 1:Download and install the demo version of Remo Partition Recovery Application on your Windows computer. Then remove your unbootable Windows 10 hard drive and then attach it over to the software installed computer. Now, launch the software and select “Recover Drives” option from the very first screen.

Recover Deleted Files on ASUS Laptop - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on “Partition Recovery” to recover data from unbootable Windows 10 hard drive. You will see all the available physical drives on the next screen, select the Windows 10 hard drive and click “Next”.

Recover Deleted Files on ASUS Laptop

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Software automatically scans the entire drive and displays the list of recoverable data which you can view in either “File Type View” or “Data View”.

Recover Deleted Files on ASUS Laptop

Figure C: Recovered Data

Step 4: Preview the required files and select the destination location to save those recovered files. You can then get the licensed version of the product in order to save the files back to any location.

Recover Deleted Files on ASUS Laptop - Save Data

Figure D: Save Data

Additional Info – Reasons for unbootable hard drive

Basically, hard drive becomes unbootable when some system files (i.e. the files responsible to boot the system) or Master Boot Record gets damaged. There are many other reasons too which are responsible for unbootable hard drive, such as:

    Installing dual operating system on single hard drive; Presence of excessive number of bad sectors on disk; Hardware failure due to faulty RAM; BIOS corruption due to improper updating process; Operating system malfunction; Damaged partition table.

    Due to these reasons, you end up in losing files from hard drive. But, now there is no need to worry as Remo Partition Recovery software helps to recover hard drive that refuses to boot. The software provides an easy to use interface for recovering data from unbootable HDD, so that you will get back your files without any difficulties.