How to Recover Deleted Personal Folder in Outlook

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A PST file or a personal storage table file is a Microsoft Outlook data file that holds all your Outlook data that includes your emails, calendar items, attachments, tasks, contacts and many more on the system’s hard disk. This PST file also holds all the personal folders that you create. Outlook lets you create personal folders to help you maintain all your emails in an organized manner as per your convenience. If the PST file incurs any corruptions, it is likely that you will lose your data associated with your account.

When your PST file gets corrupted, it could put you in trouble because there is so much important data at stake. However, recovering the deleted folders in your PST is not a difficult task. You can retrieve data back using Outlook’s own ScanPST.exe utility.

However, ScanPST.exe has a few drawbacks. Here are a few to name:

  • ScanPST.exe is not capable of repairing deleted items
  • It does not repair password protected files
  • This utility doesn’t handle major corruption loss
  • It does not support if the corruption is in the body part of the emails
  • There is also possible deletion of emails during repairing

Having mentioned all the above factors, it is beneficial to use Remo Recover which is capable of retrieving your deleted personal folder without causing any damage to the folder.

It makes your work easy as you don’t have to search for the location of your PST file and a number of steps need not be performed as we do using ScanPST.exe. Remo Recover is capable of repairing extremely corrupted PST files.

Steps to recover deleted personal folder in Outlook:

  • Download and install Remo Repair Outlook (PST).
  • Launch the application.
  • You will find 3 options, to begin with:
    • 1. Open Default PST File: This button helps you choose the default PST file that is associated with your Outlook account. When you click on Open Default PST File, it shows you the default PST file, select it and click on Next button.
    • 2. Select PST File Manually: This button helps you select your PST file manually provided you know the location where it resides. When you click on Select PST File Manually, you must Browse for your PST file and click on Open. Click on Next button to proceed further.
    • 3. Find All Your PST Files: This button helps you find all the PST files on your system. You can choose your PST file from the list. When you click on Find All Your PST Files, select the drive you want to search in and click on Find button. You will find a list of all the PST files on the selected drive. Select your PST file and click on Next button.
    • You can choose any of the above mentioned options to open your PST file depending on your choice.
    • And there are 2 scan options:
    • 1. Normal Scan: This scan helps you find deleted emails and lost emails. You can use this scan when your PST has minor corruptions and when Outlook refuses to open due to PST errors.
    • 2. Smart Scan: This scan is an extremely advanced PST repair mode that helps you find all the corrupted, deleted or lost emails and other contents that are not found using normal scan.
  • Select the mode of scan that suits your requirement.
  • Browse to select a destination path to store the contents of your PST file after repairing it. Click OK and click on Repair button to begin repairing your PST file.
  • Wait till the scan completes and once done, check for your repaired PST file by clicking on the Destination option.
  • Click on the Click Here option to know how to import the repaired PST file into your Outlook.
  • Make sure you exit Remo Repair Outlook to view the imported emails and other contents in your Outlook.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) restores all the major attributes like the mailbox, address book, calendar items, notes, personal folders and many more. It also helps you recover deleted personal folders in Outlook even when either the PST file or Outlook has been corrupted. This main feature along with it’s easy to use friendly GUI is what makes the process so simple.


Some precautions to take into account after recovering deleted items from the PST file:

  • Maintain timely backups of your Outlook information.
  • Make sure you close Microsoft Outlook correctly. Avoid abrupt shutting down of your Outlook.
  • Update your antivirus software on a regular basis to identify any threats.