Recover PDF File

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Best way to retrieve PDF files..!

PDF files are developed by Adobe, which stands for Portable Document Format. Invention of these files helped great deal in E-learning, as these files are platform and storage device independent. As result of it these files can be used on any operating system and stored on various storage components like computer hard drives, pen drives, flash drives, etc. Today these files are extensively used by many users such as IT professionals, business analysts, students, etc on their Windows computers and laptops.

Unfortunately, with growing popularity more and more of its users suffer from data loss, as these files get deleted or lost due to several unfriendly reasons. You might get desperate to recover PDF file on Windows as deleted file may be your project analysis document or a well detailed seminar file and losing it suddenly can be very irritating. Relax!!! You need to stay calm so that you don’t commit any silly deed and add up to worst. Well recovery of PDF files on Windows is achievable with a prominent file recovery tool.    

Common scenarios for losing PDF file on Windows system:

Human mistakes: This can be counted as one of the main source for losing PDF files on Windows computers. There are several mishaps that can be related to this scenario such as accidental deletion. At times users may deleted important PDF file accidentally and lead to data loss.

Sudden formatting: Sometimes, drive in which your essential PDF file is stored gets corrupt and restrict you from accessing and display error message like “Drive need to be formatted, would you like to format it?”. Sadly the only way to get rid of this error is formatting drive this will erase complete data including all important PDF files.

Other nasties: There are many unfavorable reasons because of which PDF files get lost from Windows computer such as virus infection, reformatting without securing backup of important files, re-installation of Windows OS, incomplete file transfer process, etc.

Many reasons, one solution – Remo Recover!!!

Yes, irrespective of reasons and circumstances for losing PDF file, Remo Recover helps you to retrieve PDF documents on Windows computers and laptops. Well matched to work on Windows OS versions like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc., application can effectively restore lost PDF files in few simple clicks of mouse button. This magnificent tool is crafted with comprehensive design and loaded with strong data retrieving algorithms, because of which it can efficiently get back lost PDF files. This amazing tool is awarded as best in its class and suggested by many non IT and IT industry users to execute problem free PDF files recovery. In addition, trail version of software helps you to evaluate recovery results, before you go for paid version of the tool.     

Useful Tips:

  • In future to avoid data loss always maintain copy of important PDF file
  • Be watchful while performing tasks like deletion, formatting and reformatting
  • Avoid use of drive after encountering data loss

Steps to perform PDF file recovery:

Step 1: As a first step, download and install Remo Recovery software on your computer. In the main screen, select the option labelled ‘Recover Files’ and then choose the drive from which you want to recover PDF files. Then click Scan for the software to scan the drive and begin the recovery process.

Recover PDF File - Home Window

Figure 1: Home Window

Step 2: Once the scanning completes, view the recovered files in 2 kinds of views called File Type View and Data View. File Type View will arrange files based on file types, which will in turn make it easier for you to identify PDF files

Recovery of PDF File - View Recovered Files

Figure 2: View Recovered Files

Step 3: Next, preview the recovered files using the Preview feature

Retrieve PDF Documents - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally, click the Save button to save recovered PDF files

Restore Lost PDF File - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files