Recover Old Windows Files

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Windows old files recovery

What are old files...? Old files are those, which are the copy of your files that are used to restore when the original files or versions does not work properly. These are well known as back up files, and these are very important when a situation comes, where you lose or delete the files from your system and later you need them back.

Sometimes, these old files might put user in trouble, as it had happened with one of the user, who had explained the detail scenario below.

Hey I am gone through a tragedy last night, as I could not find old Windows which I had saved on my system. Initially I thought that due to some unusual event I might not seeing old Windows files, but when I tried searching it in all possible way, then also I could not find these old Windows files. These old Windows files are very important for me, as I use to modify my files on my system regularly. So I tried all manual ways to regain old Windows files, but unfortunately I could not succeed in this process. As my friends suggested me an option to opt some recovery tool, which will help me to recover old Windows files. Can anybody recommend me software that will easily bring back old windows files?

Yes, here we are…! To easy your work, we came up with the most trusted and magical tool for recovery i.e. Remo Recover Windows. This mind blowing recovery tool is so capable of retrieving old windows files. The algorithm of Remo Recover software is so strong that it will bring back old window files without missing a single one.

Remo Recover will help you in recover old windows files from Windows file system like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5. Using this software you can easily restore old windows files like image, audio, video and documents, as its supports up to 300 file types which are most commonly used by the users.

More useful features of Remo Recover:

  • Easy to download and install the software
  • Only countable steps to recover files
  • Supports recovery of deleted, lost, missing and corrupt files
  • Supports old files recovery from SATA, IDE and SCSI hard drive
  • Recovered files can be previewed before saving it
  • It come with save recovery session, which will avoid re-scanning of the same drive again

Why you lose files from the system?

  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus attack
  • Corruption of files/partitions
  • Operating system corruption
  • Formatting or re-formatting of hard drive
  • Wiping off the hard drive data using third party tools, which makes it harder to recover
  • Abrupt power supply

Protection is better than cure:

 As data lose is unavoidable in some cases, but you can take precautionary steps to avoid data lose by providing the better protection to the files with good antivirus. Always have a practice of taking back up on some permanent storage media like CD/DVD. Use back up power supply to protect your system and files present in it from improper power supply.

Steps to recover old files on Windows system

Step 1: First, download and install Remo Recover software for Windows. When the main screen opens, select Recover Files and then choose the drive from where you’d like to recover old files. Then click Scan for the scanning process to start

Restore Old Windows Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The software now scans the selected drive and lists all found files

Regain Old Windows Files  - View Recovered Files

Figure 2: View Recovered Files

Step 3: Once you see the list of files, you can also preview them using the free Preview feature

Bring Back Old Window Files - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally, save recovered files in any desired location

Windows Old Files Recovery - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files