How to Restore Missing Files in Windows 7?

Losing important files all of a sudden is the most dreadful thing a computer user might come across. But, the software described in this editorial may become your life-saving straw if you are in need to restore missing files in Windows 7. Download the free demo now.

Is there any way to restore missing files in Windows 7?

Well, most of Windows 7 users will come up with this question when they are unable to find the files that were present on their Windows System.

There are various reasons that are responsible for missing of files in Windows 7 systems like,

  • Unknown/unintentional deletion
  • Improper backup before upgrading OS
  • Windows 7 operating system malfunction
  • Interrupted OS installation
  • Perilous virus intrusion
  • Disruptions during file transfer from external device to computer or vice versa
  • File deletion by antivirus tool without notification, etc.

So now, you might be thinking are these missing files gone forever? Or missing files recovery from Windows 7 system is possible?

No! Your Windows 7 missing files are not gone permanently. And, yes! It is possible to restore missing files in Windows 7.

Then, how to recover missing files from Windows 7? Well here are the 3 ways to restore missing files in Windows 7 computer.

Once the header and footer of a video are located, the video recovery program thinks that all information in between these two (header and footer) is the part of the video.

Method 1# Restore Missing Files from Windows 7 Backup

If you have enabled the scheduled backup in Windows 7 then make sure the drive that holds your backup is available to your Windows 7 system, and then follow these steps to recover missing files from the backup.

  • From Start menu, launch Backup and Restore feature
  • Else go to Control Panel, select System and Maintenance, and opt Backup and Restore
  • Click on Restore my files
  • Find your missing files and restore them

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