Recover lost PSD files

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Lost PSD files recovery

Hi, I am a professional photo editor, everyday I deal with number of pictures and edit them according to the need. I use Adobe Photoshop tool for my work, where I edit the images and save them on my system. But toda when I searched for PSD files on my system, I could not find a single image. I am tensed; have I lost the images? If so, then is there any way to restore lost PSD files back on my system?

Sounds similar as your situation? Here is the answer. Yes, With Remo Recover Windows software he/she can easily recover lost PSD files. This software is a step ahead from all other recovery tools, as its complex recovery algorithm does not let any file to escape from its scan process. Thus it further assures that, lost PSD files recovery is possible using Remo Recover Windows. Usage of unreliable recovery tools to recover lost PSD files can result in the corruption of recovered PSD files. In case, if you have recovered with unreliable recovery tool and ended up in the corruption of PSD file, need not worry, because you can use the other version of the Remo software named as Remo Repair PSD software to repair corrupted PSD file within couple of clicks.

Remo Recover additional features:

  • Simple installation procedure with minimum system requirement
  • Easy to use, as options and GUI is user friendly
  • It scans the whole recovery device in just few minutes
  • It not only rescue lost PSD files, but also recover deleted/ missing files
  • It support recovery of image files, audio files, video files, and documents
  • Restoring of lost PSD files from formatted/reformatted drives is possible
  • It comes with an option of sort, where recovered files can be viewed on basis of name, date, file type, etc
  • You can recover lost PSD files from USB drives, External  hard drive, and memory card, etc
  • You can save recovery session to avoid re-scanning and restore lost PSD files later
  • It allows you to save recovered files to CD/DVD or any other storage device

Why you lose PSD files & why you need Remo Recover?

  • Virus attack: Sometimes due to a virus infection, a user might lose his / her important PSD files. The loss can also happen if the PSD files are identified as a threat while performing anti-virus scanning.
  • Corrupt memory: Due to improper use, memory card might get corrupt and this force you to format the card and lose all PSD files. Under such circumstances Remo Recover is useful to retrieve lost PSD files from memory card
  • Improper termination: Turning off device when you were transferring PSD files from one media to another, this may lead to PSD file loss and you need Remo Recover to recover lost PSD files

Safety measures to avoid data loss:

  • Back up your important files regularly on some storage media
  • Use good and reliable antivirus to protect files from virus attack
  • Do not use third party tool which are not trust-worthy
  • Prefer to use licensed Adobe Photoshop to ensure file safety

Use Remo Recover in this way:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover Windows and run it, and select “Recover Photos”.

Recover Lost PSD Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From next window select “Recover Lost Photos”.

Retrieve Lost PSD Files - Select Recover Lost Photos

Figure 2: Select Recover Lost Photos

Step 3: Choose drive/partition from which you want to recover the lost files, and click on”Next”.

Lost PSD Files Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Choose drive/partition from which you want to recover the lost files, and click on”Next”.

Restoring of Lost PSD Files - List of Recovered Photos

Figure 4: List of Recovered Photos

Step 5: Have a preview of recovered file and select the destination drive to which you want to save the recovered data.

Rescue Lost PSD Files - Preview Recovered Photos

Figure 5: Preview Recovered Photos