How to Recover Lost Files in Windows 8.1?

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In Windows operating systems, files and folders that are stored on its hard disk drive or any other storage volume can go missing occasionally due to technical errors at registry level or due to file corruptions. In this page, causes for data loss on Windows 8.1 shall briefly be discussed along with the method to recover files in Windows 8.1. In the later section, you shall be introduced to an easiest way to recover lost files Windows 8.1 using Remo Recover is a renowned data recovery utility for all.

Causes for data loss on Windows 8.1 based system:

Any of the below mentioned and similar causes can result in hard drive directory corruption. A corrupted hard drive directory causes data to apparently go missing and may lead to further data loss or corruption. This is because a corrupted directory may no longer reflect the free disk space accurately which may result in the stored files being overwritten with any new data on that drive.

Causes and avoidance for data loss:

  • Power related abnormalities such as power outages or surges which may result in hard restarts of the computer which may in turn lead to data loss due to file corruption. You may want to install an adequate and reliable power source such as an UPS system for your Windows computer to avoid such situations
  • Improper shutdowns which may have caused due to hard resets shutting down or restarting the computer forcefully using the power buttons, power related problems, etc. avoid performing hard resets to a computer unless and until the situation demands it, such as when the system hangs or crashes
  • Ejecting the external storage drives inappropriately before disconnecting or turning them off. This may result in data not getting saved which is being accessed. Always follow proper instructions before ejecting the external storage devices from the computer
  • Software related errors such as bad programming or the corresponding software being corrupted that has the access to handle files may cause the files getting lost from a drive. Ensure to maintain your Windows system free from malignant softwares such as viruses and malwares by performing timely maintenance

There are however a few technologies developed such as File System Journaling to address file directory corruption due to scenarios like power outages and hard resets. But Journaling isnbt really fool-proof in recovering lost files Windows 8.1 or avoiding such scenarios.

Use Remo Recover utility to recover lost files in Windows 8.1:

Remo Recover is an advanced data recovery utility to address almost all data loss / deletion scenarios such as to recover lost files Windows 8.1 with ease. This tool performs missing file recovery on Windows 8.1 by thoroughly scanning for files which are missing on any drive as an outcome of any of the above mentioned scenarios. Then Remo Recover resolves the errors and corruptions in those files and presenting to you the entire list of recoverable files and folders.

This is the easiest way to restore lost files Windows 8.1 as Remo Recover has a very simple and user friendly interface combined with a sophisticated search engine. This helps you to reliably retrieve missing files Windows 8.1 without any hassle. Apart from Windows 8.1, Remo Recover can be used to perform data recovery on all major Windows operating systems with ease.

Steps to Recover Lost Files in Windows 8.1 using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Click on the Download Now button to download Remo Recovery software on your computer and install it. Double click on the application to launch it and wait for the main screen to appear. When it does, select Recover Files option and choose the drive from where you would like to recover lost files and then click Scan

Recover Missing Files Windows 8.1 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The software now scans the drive and lists all found files based on 2 views called File Type View and Data View

Restore Lost Files Windows 8.1 - View Recovered Files

Figure 2: View Recovered Files

Step 3: Next, have a free preview of recovered files

Retrieve Missing Files Windows 8.1 - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4:: Finally, save them to any desired location

Recovering Lost Files Windows 8.1 - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files