Recover Lost Bitmap File

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Learn how to recover lost Bitmap file?

Bitmap file is also known as BMP file format or sometimes called as just Bitmap, which is a raster graphic image file format that are used for storing digital images. These Bitmap digital images are independent of display source, and are capable of 2-dimensional digital image storage which comprises of width, height and resolution. These high quality images contains data in the form of color in each of the pixel in the image, which is of uncompressed form, due to which the quality of the image will be superior with increase in the size of image. To reduce the size of these large Bitmap files, we can use the compression techniques that decreases image size significantly, as it is more useful during taking print of images that are saved as Bitmap file format.

The usage of Bitmap file format is never been less as there are many other image file formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF etc. But what, one should do when they lose Bitmap images from their system? Is there any way to get out of such helpless situations? Or the users have to suffer from data loss permanently? Is it possible to recover lost Bitmap files?

Does these kind of questions running in your mind too and making you to worry? Then stop thinking, as one simple answer will clear all your doubts. Yes, now lost Bitmap file recovery is very much possible and simple too, as we had developed a best software to recover lost Bitmap files on your Windows system with very less efforts.

Remo Recover Windows is that tool, which is most trusted and highly recommended software to restore lost Bitmap files in quick time, as this tool is designed and developed with complex algorithm which will help you to retrieve lost Bitmap files by flowing just few simple steps.

Remo Recover Windows software supports lost Bitmap file recovery on all the latest and popular Windows Operating System like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This recovery tool has great ability to restore lost Bitmap files that are of any size, as Bitmap files are generally larger in size due to its color quality.

Why you need Remo Recover Windows to recover Bitmap files:

  • No special training is required to use this software, as it very much simple tool to use even for new users
  • No doubt it supports lost Bitmap file recovery, but along with that it also supports recovery of deleted Bitmap files, missing Bitmap files, corrupt Bitmap files and inaccessible Bitmap files
  • It hardly take the system storage space to install the recover tool
  • Quickly scans and detects the lost Bitmap files from the selected storage device
  • Recovered Bitmap can be easily previewed prior to saving
  • Users can avoid rescanning of already scanned storage media by making use of “Save Recovery Session” option

Common reasons that makes you to lose Bitmap files from your system:

  • Harmful virus attack to the system
  • File system corruption
  • Sudden power failure while you performing some operation on Bitmap files
  • Operating System crash

Steps to restore lost Bitmap file using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Download and install the demo edition of Remo Recover on your Windows PC and run it. Select “Recover Files” option from the main window. Then, it displays the list of physical and logical drives available in the system. Choose the appropriate drive from where you want to recoevr your Bitmap files and click "Scan" button to initiate the recovery process

Retrieve Lost Bitmap File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now the software scans the selected drive to find deleted/lost files. Wait for the software to scan the drive completely. Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed in two formats "Data View", and "File Type View"

Restore Lost Bitmap File - Recovered Bitmap Files in File Type View

Figure 2: Recovered Bitmap Files in File Type View

Step 3: After complete scan, software will allow you to preview the recovered Bitmap files and provides you an opprotunity to evaluate its recovery results before saving the files.

Lost Bitmap File Recovery - Preview Recovered Photos

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Photos

Step 4: Finally, if you are satisfied with the tool, then activate the license key of the software and save the recovered files

Recover Lost Bitmap File - Save Recovered Bitmap Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Bitmap Files