Recover Formatted Hard Drive with Folder Structure

Remo Hard Drive Recovery is an advanced data recovery tool that recovers formatted hard drive with folder structure retaining the original files and folder structure. Download the trial edition of the tool to recover your data and preview the recovered files for free..


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Perform formatted hard drive recovery with folder structure..!

Is there a solution to my problem, wherein I accidentally formatted my computer hard drive instead of formatting external drive and deleted long preserved data, which included attractive photos, melodious songs, high quality videos, important office documents, latest applications, etc. Unfortunately..! I don’t know about file folder structure hard drive recovery, so any kind of help regarding recovery of data is extremely appreciated.

Losing or deleting a huge amount of data can be a very frustrating and painful thing, as it may contain sensitive data. The first thing that you would do after accidental formatting is, quick search for backup of the lost data on your system and in recycle bin, so that you can restore it. But formatting removes the complete data from hard disk including recycle bin data. Now you may start blaming yourself for committing this mistake but wait a minute! Is that going to help you in recovering your formatted hard drive data? Of course not..! So just relax and stop blaming yourself, as you can recover formatted hard drive with folder structure using reliable recovery tool.


Talking about formatting, it’s a process of erasing the complete data from the hard drive. Different users find different reasons to format, such as a user may format his / her hard drive when system gets infected by dangerous virus programs. One may feel a need to format hard drive, when decrease system performance is observed. Apart from these factors, formatting is carried out, when user want to reinstall OS, reformat or repartition hard drive. However, reinstallation, reformatting and repartitioning result in data loss, when user fail to take the necessary backup, before performing these tasks.

Precaution is better than cure..!

It is always considered as good practices to take a backup of vital data, before performing tasks like formatting, reformatting, reinstalling OS and repartitioning. As back-up will help you to avert severe data loss tragedy and you may carry on with your ongoing work, in spite of losing some of the folders after this kind of accidental data loss. However, there are some unfortunate times, where even after taking precautions you suffer data crisis. Because of this problem data recovery experts developed an advance and powerful recovery software i.e. Remo Recover.

Remo Recover to restore formatted hard drive with folder structure!

Yes..! You can restore formatted hard drive data folder structure using Remo Recover, as it is best in its class and you perform a hassle free recovery of formatted hard drive along folder structure at your fingertips. Software is built-in with smart searching algorithms, employing which it will locate files more than 280 using unique file types and help you to unformat Windows hard drive and recover each and every file that is lost, deleted or missing from formatted hard drive. Once recovery process complete, you can view recovered formatted drive data in folder structure.

Highlighted features of Remo Recover..!

  • Help you to retrieve formatted hard drive with Directory structures on Windows based computers such as Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, etc.
  • You will get clear idea about how to recover deleted pictures from a formatted hard drive . It also help in recovering videos, audios and other information by executing formatted hard drive folder recovery
  • Remo Recover can be used to retrieve folders from formatted, reformatted and repartitioned hard drives
  • You can recover formatted hard drive along folder structure on file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5
  • Recovered data can be seen in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • You can even preview the restored data before saving it, by right clicking on particular file and selecting preview option
  • Find option offered by software help you to locate files based on file name, size, file type and date


Use these steps to recover formatted hard drive with folder structure

1: Launch the installed demo edition of Remo Recover on your Windows computer. Welcome screen appears with two different recovery options as shown in Figure 1. Select "Recover Partitions" option. Immediately, you will see a list of all the logical and physical disks detected in the system. Choose the appropriate disk and click "Scan" option

Recover Formatted Hard Drive with Folder Structure - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

2: The tool now scans the disk to find out all its previously present and currently present partitions. Upon the completion of scanning, it shows all its partitions with their file systems. Choose the formatted partition which you want to recover and click "Scan" option to start the recovery process, as shown in figure 2.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive with Folder Structure - Choose Formatted Partition

Figure 2: Choose Formatted Partition

3: It scans the formatted partition now to find all its data. After successful completion of scanning and recovery process, it shows the list of recovered files in "Data View", and "File Type View"

Recover Formatted Hard Drive with Folder Structure - Recovered Data View

Figure 3: Recovered Data View

4: At the end of the successful recovery process, the tool allows to preview the recovered files and evaluate the recovery results before saving the files, as shown in Figure 4.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive with Folder Structure - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Finally you can save the recovered files at the destination location of your choice by purchasing the license key of the tool, as the demo editon doesn't allow to save

Recover Formatted Hard Drive with Folder Structure - Save Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files