How to Recover Files from Lexar CF Card?

Updated on May 28, 2022

The ultimate Lexar CF card recovery software from Remo is built with a streamlined interface that supports recovery of more than 300 file types. This tool is compatible with the CF cards or other external storage devices of other various brands. It is built with a deep scan engine that can scan through the drive to recover data from complicated data loss scenarios like corruption or formatting.


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Formatted your Lexar compact flash card due to “card not formatted error”? Accidentally deleted or lost files from your Lexar CF card? No worries! You can easily recover files from Lexar compact flash card in a few simple steps. But, before learning how to recover Lexar CF card data, stop using the CF card. Don’t add any new file to the card until you perform Lexar CF card recovery.

Lexar Compact Flash Card Recovery Solution Overview:

One of the well-known manufacturers of memory cards is Lexar. Among them, Lexar Compact Flash cards are the most widely used storage media in cameras, music players, camcorders, and other portable devices.
One major issue that might happen to CF cards is data loss. The CF card data may be lost or deleted due to accidental deletion, and other various reasons. To help you in recovering lost data at such unexpected disasters, here we recommend Remo Recover software and show you how to use it to retrieve data from a Lexar flash card in a fast and efficient manner that just takes a few simple steps. Before we head to the recovery process let us understand the causes for data loss on Lexar CF cards.

Recover Files from Lexar Compact Flash Card with Remo Recover Software:

Built with advanced and powerful scanning techniques, Remo Recover allows you to thoroughly scan your Lexar CF card and restores lost files. Apart from recovering lost photos it can restore videos, audio, images and any other files from your Lexar compact flash card. This utility is compatible with various brands of compact flash memory cards including SanDisk, Lexar, Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba, etc.

Guide to Recover Files from Lexar Compact Flash Card:

1. Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer and connect your SD card to it.

2. Select the drive which represents your Lexar CF card from which you want to recover data.

3. From the main screen click on the Scan option to start the scanning process.

Scanning The Drive

Note: Once the Quick Scan completes it directly initiates the Deep Scan. You can now navigate to the Lost Partition. Now you can also click on the Preview option to verify the recovery results.

Select The Desired Folder

4. Finally, click on the Recover option to save the recovered files to the desired location.

How to Fix a Corrupted Lexar CF card using the CHKDSK Command?

CHKDSK is a built-in command-line tool on the Windows operating system. This tool can verify the issues on the file systems and fix them.


Wait for the process to finish. Now you will be able to access the files from the corrupted CF card.

Tips to Avoid Data loss on Lexar CF card