How To Retrieve Data from a Damaged SD Card?

Repairing damaged SD card error without formatting it...!

A friend turned up today morning with a fuzzy question. She had been using a SD card in her mobile phone and the memory card had stopped functioning. If she try to open the card by inserting in her PC, an error message appeared stating "SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it." Sensibly she didn’t format the SD card as there were many vital files including precious images, collection of favourite music, hundreds of documents. How to retrieve data from a damaged SD card without format. Please suggest me any recovery tool.

Secure Digital card turn to inaccessible mode, when it is damaged or corrupted due to various factors. If the file or directory is corrupted then you cannot open the card after connecting to your Windows desktop. In this situation, do not worry! You can retrieve missing data by using third-party data recovery tool to repair the memory card and restore missing files. Before performing damaged SD card recovery, stop using the card until you repair and recover corrupted SD card completely to get back your lost files or you may lose the data permanently.

SD card gets damage in numerous scenarios, a lot of them are explained below.

  • Virus infection: For those who have connected a memory card to your computer that's impacted by virus, the files from card may get corrupt partially or sometimes they are going to delete complete file. Virus can also occur as a result of browsing of some alternative party websites and downloading software from unauthorized sites, if you are using a SD card over network.
  • Improper ejection of card: If you have removed a Secure Digital card from computer and other multimedia device during read / write process, can contribute to card corruption. It is usually getting corrupted on account of power failure while accessing data through the flash card.
  • Low battery: Sometimes, you might try to capture photos even with camera has low battery, as there are chances to get damage SD card of these camera. Additionally, it can get corrupt, as a result of capturing of photos before completion of saving technique of previously taken image.
  • Usage of same SD card in numerous cameras: When you have used a flash card of just one camera, inside a different cameras may results in card corruption, since the different cards are customized for several types of cameras.

Other reasons for loss of data from SD cards are like accidental deletion of photos, accidental formatting of SD card, alternative unreliable third party applications etc. Anyway, for those who have lost data from SD card on account of any reason, you are able to recover them by using vacation utility.

Use Remo Recover toolkit to get back files from damaged SD card

Remo Recover is a professional file recovery application that has the ability to rescue erased, formatted, corrupted or inaccessible files under different data loss circumstances. Capability to recover files from broken memory cards, corrupted hard disks, USB drives formatted and any kind of media devices. With its extra ordinary features and easy to use interface, it is highly recommended to recover files from damaged SD card.

Before buying the certified licensed version of Remo Recover wizard for recovering data from damaged SD card, you can first download the demo version and install on your Windows computer. Launch the utility to scan the SD card and check what files can be recovered, so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Remember to save the restored file on your computer you need to purchase the actual software.

Follow these steps to recover files from damaged SD card using Remo Recover software:-

Step 1: Install and run the Remo Recover app on your Windows desktop. From the three options select "Recover Drives" from the main screen

Recover Files from Damaged SD Card - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2:  Then choose “Partition Recovery” on the second window.

Damaged SD Card Recovery - Select Suitable Recovery Option

Figure B: Select Suitable Recovery Option

Step 3: To recover files from damaged SD card, select the card drive from the list on which you want to perform recovery and click "Next".

How To Retrieve Data from a Damaged SD Card - Select SD Card Drive

Figure C: Select SD Card Drive

Step 4: Recovered files are displayed in a list as shown below. Select the required ones and save it back

How To Recover Files from Damaged SD Card - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data