How to Restore Files Deleted from Command Prompt?

Reliable file recovery software from Remo is an excellent solution for recovering files deleted using command prompt. Tool restores deleted documents, pictures, music files, videos, etc. from Windows system smoothly.

Recover Files Deleted Using DOS Command Prompt

“Hi everyone, I am facing a problem guys. Actually I’m not much aware of MS-DOS and today I tried using it. I noticed some useless files resided in a folder along with important documents on my Windows system. I tried to delete those unwanted files through DOS command prompt and unfortunately I typed a wrong filename and deleted an important file. After deleting I thought of restoring it back from Recycle Bin but I was not able to find it there. I don’t know where the file is and I need that file at any cost, it’s very important for me. Someone please suggest me how to recover files deleted using DOS command prompt?”

Actually many computer users have a misconception that every deleted file will be moved to Recycle Bin. But in reality there are situations in which files bypass Recycle Bin and it doesn’t mean that your files are lost permanently. Deleted files will be intact with hard drive, yet the pointer value of those files that helps to access them will be removed from file allocation table and even OS will not be able to locate those files. In case you have deleted files in MS-DOS 5.0 to 6.22 versions then it is possible to restore files using “undelete” command. But if you are using higher versions then you need to employ any reliable Windows File recovery tool. Before that, stop using your system to save new files in order to avoid overwriting of deleted files, because once files are overwritten with any new data then recovery is impossible.

Tool to Recover files deleted using command prompt - Remo Recover!!!

Remo Recover is the absolute software that recovers most of the file types deleted using DOS command prompt or using “Shift + Delete” key combinations and emptied from Recycle Bin with ease. Its advanced search engine scans entire hard drive sector-by-sector to recover deleted files in very short span of time. It is an award winning tool, which possess 100% file recovery rate. This utility is strongly recommended by Windows file recovery experts to retrieve deleted files on Windows. This software is capable of recovering files from FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system based drives. You can make use of Save Recovery session option to avoid rescanning of drive in future. It is highly compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, XP, Server 2003 & 2008, etc.

Well-Known features of Remo Recover: -

  • It is engineered with highly sophisticated file recovery algorithms.
  • Supports recovery of various file types like .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, .jpg, etc. in just few mouse clicks.
  • Provides an option to create disk images of bad sectors present in hard drive and later recovers data from disk images.

Useful Tips: -

  • Maintain regular backup of essential files.
  • Be careful and watchful while deleting files using command prompt.

Steps to recover files deleted with command prompt: -

Step 1: To recover files deleted by command prompt, Remo Recovery software works very well. First, download Remo File Recovery on your computer and install the application. When the main screen opens, select Recover Files option and choose the drive from where you want to recover deleted files and click Scan

Files Deleted Via Command Prompt Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now the software scans the drive and displays a list of found files

How to Get Back Files Deleted Using DOS Command Prompt - View Recovered Files

Figure 2: View Recovered Files

Step 3: Preview the files and save them in any preferred location of choice

Recovering Files Deleted Using Command Prompt - Preview and Save Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview and Save Recovered Files