Best Solution to Recover Data Deleted by Robocopy/MIR

Updated on July 21, 2022

Utilise Remo Recover, a dedicated data recovery software built with a deep scan engine that can recover data lost while mirroring or moving data from robocopy. Additionally, It is integrated with a simple user interface which makes the recovery of lost files due to robocopy.

Using Robocopy is one of the best ways to organize data on your computer. It gives the user the flexibility to transfer, delete or even backup your data on a routine basis with the help of various commands. At times if you specified a wrong destination path, Robocopy/MIR command would have deleted the files previously existing on the destination folder. Luckily you can recover the deleted files. Here is complete information on how you can recover files deleted by Robocopy / MIR command.

Can I Recover Files Deleted by the Robocopy/MIR Command?

Yes, you can recover files that are deleted by the Robocopy command. When any files are deleted from the hard drive, the deleted data stays within the drive until its overwritten. Hence, you need to stop using the computer immediately to increase the chance of recovering lost data. You also have to make use of a data recovery tool to recover files deleted by the Robocopy/ MIR command.

How to Recover Files Deleted by Robocopy?

When you accidentally delete vital files using Robocopy / MIR command, you might be in hurry to restore them.But unlike regular deletion, Robocopy doesn’t have any kind of undo capability to restore files from the Recycle Bin. In such case, Remo Recover file recovery software is recommended. Regardless of how you lost your files, the software makes use of a deep scan algorithm to scans the drive thoroughly and restore all files.

Steps to Recover files Accidentally Purged via Robocopy using Remo Recover

1. Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer to recover files lost by robocopy.

2. From the main screen select the drive from where you want to retrieve the folder deleted by robocopy.

3. To begin the scanning process you can click on the Scan option.

click on the scan button to inititate the scanning process to recover files lost by robocopy

Note: Once the Quick Scan is completed it directly starts the Deep Scan. The tool offers you to view the recovered files in a Tree Structure by clicking on the Dynamic Recovery View feature. To select the recovered files you can navigate to the Lost and Found Files folder. You can click on the Preview option to verify the recovery results.

click on the dynamic recovery view to recover files lost due to robocopy

4. Finally, select the files which you want to restore and click on the Recover option to get back the recovered files to the desired location.

Reasons Behind the Losing Files after Robocopy

There are many reasons other than Robocopy / MIR command which may lead to file deletion such as:

  • Formatting a drive containing important files
  • Improper usage of Cut Paste command
  • Interruption while transferring files
  • Usage of third party application
  • Attack of virus or malware infection

In all the above mentioned scenarios, you can use Remo Recover program to restore files that are deleted or lost from Windows and Mac operating system. It effectively retrieves deleted files from different types of hard drive, external hard drive, memory cards, USB drive, iPods and more. The software is capable of recovering lost or deleted files with NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and ExFAT file systems. It’s a qualified tool to help Office users to recover lost Cut and Paste files under all versions of Windows systems including Windows 10.