How to Recover Files Deleted by Robocopy / MIR

Deleted entire folders of important data after using Robocopy / MIR command? Professional solutions offered by Remo Recover tool are available for free to help and restore files deleted by Robocopy / MIR now.

Is there any way to recover files deleted by Robocopy / MIR command?

“I have just re-organized my computer hard disk and I have set up a batch routine to backup files using Robocopy / MIR command. However, as I swapped my drives around, I have accidentally selected a wrong target folder. Robocopy has consequently erased entire folders of important data. Unfortunately, the data isn’t in the Recycle Bin. Can someone tell me how to recover files deleted by Robocopy / MIR command?”

Undo files deleted by Robocopy / MIR command with Remo Recover software

When you accidentally delete vital files using Robocopy / MIR command, you might be in hurry to restore them. But, Robocopy doesn’t have any kind of undo capability. In such case, Remo Recover file recovery software is recommended. No matter how you lost your files, the software scans the drive thoroughly to restore all files as long as the drive partition is undamaged and still visible in Windows Disk Management.

Steps to recover files deleted by Robocopy / MIR command

Click Download and install Remo Recover file recovery software onto your Windows PC or laptop. To learn how to recover files deleted by Robocopy / MIR command, you need to carefully follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recovery software on your computer. Launch the software and wait for the main window to appear. In the main window, select the option labelled ‘Recover Files’ and choose the drive from where you would like to recover files deleted by ‘robocopy mir’. Then click Scan for the software to scan the drive.

Main Screen

Step 2: Once the scanning process completes, you will be shown a list of files in 2 types of views; namely File Type View and Data View

View Recovered Files

Step 3: As a final step, preview and save desired files to any location of your choice

Preview and Save Recovered Files

What are the other benefits of Remo Recover file recovery tool?

There are many reasons other than Robocopy / MIR command which may lead to file deletion such as:

  • Formatting a drive containing important files
  • Improper usage of Cut Paste command
  • Interruption while transferring files
  • Usage of third party application
  • Attack of virus or malware infection

In all the above mentioned scenarios, you can use Remo Recover program to restore files that are deleted or lost from Windows and Mac operating system. It effectively retrieves deleted files from different types of hard drive, external hard drive, memory cards, USB drive, iPods and more. The software is capable of recovering lost or deleted files with NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and ExFAT file systems. It’s a qualified tool to help Office users to recover lost Cut and Paste files under all versions of Windows systems including Windows 10.

Moreover, it enables you to sort the retrieved files on the basis of file name, type, extension, size and date. Further, the software is immune to malware / virus infection and is a read-only application that restores files without causing any damage to the original content. Therefore, users working with this tool need not be worried about damage or corruption to their data as it is 100% safe.