How to Recover Files after Unexpected Shutdown

This page shows you a safe and easy way to retrieve files after unexpected system shut down of Windows PC, laptop or desktop. Try Remo Recover trial edition for free and restore all types of files now!

Did you lose your files after an unexpected shutdown?

Don’t worry!! This happens often with the users who has not installed a UPS system for his computer and it is not a big issue. Since power failures are unexpected event, this may happen you at any time. So the first step you must consider is to take the backup of files. But nowadays, very less people are really concerned about taking a backup; this is why they end up losing their files from their computers. In fact, you must by reading this because you might have faced this event already. In this page, we are going to deal with the issues causing the data loss and remedy for it. So, be patient and continue reading this page to get a solution.

Real time scenario:

Assume that on one day you thought of transferring the files from the computer to a external device. As you connected the external drive and started copying the files using cut paste, all of a sudden you encountered a power failure. Later, when the power was retained, you found the files missing from the system. You tried searching it on the external hard disk, but still could not found it. Generally, at this time, you may start panicking if the lost files were important for you. Stay calm!! Now it is possible to restore files after unexpected shutdown by using data recovery software. Highly advanced and specialized recovery software like Remo Recover can retrieve files after unexpected shutdown efficiently.

How improper shutdown causes the loss of data from the computer?

Power failure can affect your computer largely i.e it can cause minor errors to severe problems like hard disk failures.  It is because when the files are active during the shutdown process, the operating system might fail to save the changes to the file system. Due to this, the file structure is altered causing the loss of files from the system.

Abrupt shutdown can also affect files when the files are transferring from one device to other. Even while carrying out complicated operations like defragmentation, resizing partitioning and so on. You can save from such instances, when you are well prepared with a backup. But when you have forgotten to take the backup, only Remo Recover can help you.

Remo Recover is wonderful recovery software which has the capability to recover files after unexpected shutdown without causing harm to your computer. This software is suitable to be used on Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Apart from this, it also supports recovery from different storage devices like hard disk, memory cards and USB flash drives. Moreover, demo version is also provided to help users verify the results before purchasing the full version of the software.

Hints to safeguard files from loss:

  • Use UPS to provide constant power to your computer while using
  • Scan the incoming data for virus and delete it
  • Take backup of essential files

How to recover data after unexpected shutdown?

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer and begin the data recovery process using the steps described below. First, run the application to open the main screen. In the main screen, select Recover Partitions option and choose the drive to recover files. Then click on the Scan button

How To Recover Data After Unexpected Shutdown - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2:The selected drive is scanned and once the scan completes, all the partitions are displayed. Choose a partition to recover and click Scan once again.

Recover Files After Unexpected Shutdown - Choose a partition to recover

Figure B: Choose a partition to recover

Step 3: Now, a list of files found in the partition is displayed. Have a look at the files using either File Type View or Data View

Restore Files After Unexpected Shutdown - File Type View

Figure C: File Type View

Step 4: Preview the recovered files and save them in any suitable location

Retrieve Files After Unexpected Shutdown - Save Recovered Data

Figure D: Save Recovered Data