Unrecognized External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Imagine that you have stored all your important data in one external hard drive, and using it in all possible means. But one day you are shocked to see that the external hard drive suddenly became unrecognized when you connected it to your computer. Indeed, any user come across these kinds of dreadful situations will be obviously worried, but never lose hope! Here is the solution for unrecognized external hard drive data recovery problem.

An external hard drive is the most dependable storage device when compared to internal HDDs. However, an external hard disk drive becomes a nightmare especially if it is not recognized by your computer.

Unrecognized external hard drive screens several error messages like the drive is not formatted, the drive cannot be accessed, the drive is RAW etc. But, you need not worry as you can recover unrecognized external hard drive using various methods.

How to Fix External Hard Drive Not Detected Problem?

Step 1: Connect the unrecognized external hard drive to another working computer and see if it is detected.

It is clear that the USB port got the problem on the previous computer if the portable hard drive is working fine on the current system. So, fix the USB port issue first. If required, update Disk drivers too.

Step 2: Go to Disk Management and check whether your external hard drive is listed as a Disk X (X is disk number- 1, 2, 3 etc.) Removable or not. If the external disk is recognized by Disk Management, then

  • Right-click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths…
  • Click on Add button, and select a letter for the drive and hit OK

Step 3: If both step #1 and step #2 fails to make your external hard drive detectable on the computer then you have to Format the drive and initialize it using the Disk Management.

But, as we all know formatting erases entire data from the external drive. So, first recover data from undetected external hard drive using Remo Recover, then format it and initialize.

Recover External Hard Drive Not Recognized with Remo Recover:

Recovering data from undetected external hard drives can be easier with the help of Remo Recover tool which is one of the best software to recover lost or deleted data from external hard disk as well HDD.

  • Loaded with optimized algorithms this tool deeply scans your HDD for recovering data from unrecognized external hard drive; however, the recovery process will be fast and rapid
  • Recovers various kinds of files such as video files, audio files, archives, documents and many – Restore more than 300 types of files from your external drive
  • The tool is available in trial version, which performs almost all the activities of a full version except saving the recovered data. However, in trial version Preview option is offered, which allows you to have a look at the recovered data before you save it
  • Apart from unrecognized external hard drive data recovery, this crash data recovery tool tool has the ability to recover crashed external hard drive data and also capable of recovering data from other storage devices such as flash drives, memory cards, iPods, cameras etc. in addition supports recovery from various brands of external hard disk
  • The tool perfectly works on all versions of Windows operating system and a Mac compatible edition is also available

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive that is not Recognized?

Step 1: Connect your unrecognized external hard drive to a working computer. Launch Remo Recover tool and click Recover Drives button.

Recover External Hard Drive Not Recognized - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Recover Drives

Step 2: Next, click on the Partition Recovery button.

Unrecognized External Hard Drive Data Recovery - Select Suitable Option

Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Software shows you the list of storage drives available in the computer. Select the connected external hard drive and its partitions.

How to Recover External Hard Drive Data that is not Recognized? - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Unrecognized External Hard Drive and Partition

Step 4: The tool starts to recover data from the external hard drive that is not recognized and displays a list of recovered data in File Type View/Data View.

How To Retrieve Data From Unrecognized External Hard Drive - Recovered Data with Folder Structure

Figure 4: Recovered Data with Folder Structure

Step 5: Select, preview and save the recovered data onto the system internal HDD.

Recover Data From External Hard Drive - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session


Safety Measures:

  • Make sure you always eject the external hard disk with safety measures
  • The virus can mess up all the things in the drive. So, do not connect the external hard drive to any virus infected computer
  • Follow the proper and complete procedure to convert file system of your external hard drive