Recover Deleted PPT Slides

Effectively Restore Deleted PPT Slides

"Hi. My Windows computer was entirely affected with viruses and lots of malicious softwares from quite some time. I thought of getting it fixed long time ago but had no time to do so. Last week, determined to my computer fixed, I took leave from office to get my computer fixed. As my system was severely infected with viruses and lots of other junk files, I decided to completely format it. So I manually created a backup of all my data which is approximately 95 GB on an external hard disk drive and finally formatted my Windows computer. Once formatting and reinstalling stuffs was done, I tried to restore the backed up data from the external hard disk drive to find out that some of my important PowerPoint files were missing. Then I remembered that I forgot to back up data from My Documents – where the PPT files were stored. The PowerPoint files were my project seminar presentation slides and I had created them with lots of effort and time, hence I wanted them back at any cost. So I decided to download and use a third party data recovery tool in order to recover deleted PPT slides from a formatted volume. Luckily, thanks to my quick thinking and response, I was successful to recover deleted PPT slides from my formatted volume. Happy as I was, I tried to open those PowerPoint files only to find out they are inaccessible. I tried accessing the .ppt file from the previous version of Microsoft PowerPoint and even from my Windows laptop, but all in vain. I then realized those .ppt files got corrupt while recovery process. I guess I was not that lucky as I thought I was. Obviously, now I am looking to recover deleted PPT slides that are corrupt with the help any trusted and reliable PowerPoint repair tool. So what software do I use? I am expecting any expert advice here. Thanks."

Appropriate tool to retrieve deleted PPT slides:

Remo Repair PowerPoint is an extremely powerful and multivariate repair engine that and effectively and reliably perform deleted PPT slide recovery which is corrupted or inaccessible. Apart from recovering deleted PPT slide, you can use this excellent file repair software to instantly fix corrupt PowerPoint file PPT, PPTX, PPS and almost all Microsoft PowerPoint files over all major versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Windows operating systems. Remo Repair PowerPoint software can repair PowerPoint files that are corrupted due to various software and hardware related disasters such as virus infections, downloading / transferring errors, file corrupted while performing deleted PPT slide restoration, header file issues, third party software damages, power outages or abruptions while accessing PowerPoint files, accidental or unintentional human errors and other various scenarios.

Other notable features of Remo Repair PowerPoint software:

  • Remo Software products come with a free-to-use version using which, you can scan for corrupt files, repair them and as well preview all the contents of the rescued files along with its slides and layers
  • Remo Repair PowerPoint software is a read-only software that makes a copy of the PPT file before trying to repair it. In case the matter worsens, the original file shall remain untouched
  • Remo Software team provides round-the-clock technical guidance in case should you need any help regarding any issues while accessing Remo Repair software

Steps to recover deleted PowerPoint file which is corrupt using Remo Repair PowerPoint:

1. Download, install and run Remo Repair PPT on your computer. Browse the corrupt PPT files and click on "Repair" option.

Retrieve Deleted PPT Slides - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

2. Wait for Remo Repair PowerPoint tool to fix corrupted PPT file.

Deleted PPT Slide Recovery - Repair Progress

Figure B: Repair Process

3. Once the repair is complete, preview the recovered PPT files using "Preview File" option.

Deleted PPT Slide Restoration - Preview Window

Figure C: Preview PPT File

4. Use "Save" option to save the repaired PowerPoint files on any drive.

Recovering Deleted PPT Slide - Save Screen

Figure D: Save PPT File