How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows Photo Gallery

Download Remo Recover Windows Media Edition to recover pictures of any format from Windows Photo Gallery that are accidentally / intentionally deleted, formatted or lost on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista.

“Hi, I loaded some of my precious pictures from camera to Windows Photo Gallery, then I deleted them from my camera to free up space. When I tried to organize those pictures, my computer suddenly hanged and I had to shut it down improperly. When I restarted my computer, all those pictures disappeared, my entire collection has gone. Can anyone suggest me how to recover pictures from Windows Photo Gallery? Thanks.”

Recommended free photo recovery tool - Remo Recover Media edition

Pictures from Windows Photo Gallery may go missing or get deleted due to various reasons, but the good news is that you can recover deleted, formatted and lost photos from Windows Photo Gallery by using Remo Photo Recovery Software. With powerful scanning mechanisms, it deeply scans the disk in which Windows Photo Gallery application is present to display images and other media files that it finds and enables you to restore desired files in short interval of time. The software is inculcated with advanced built-in algorithms that surely help you to recover deleted My Pictures folder on all major versions of Windows operating system. One of the advantage of using this utility is that recovered images can be viewed prior buying the licensed version to confirm whether you have selected right file for recovery.

In addition to Windows Photo Gallery, it restores photos from other utilities such as Picasa, PhotoScape, Photo Library and more. Remo Recover program also helps you to perform laptop deleted photo recovery working on different file systems like ExFAT, NTFS and FAT. Further, the software is capable of recovering all types of media files including photos, videos, music files, etc. present in both internal and external storage devices on Windows based systems.

Other scenarios in which photos are deleted or lost from Windows Photo Gallery

  • Windows Photo Gallery corruption: Corruption in Windows Photo Gallery database may result in slow performance or often, crash the application making all your images and other media files in Windows Photo Gallery inaccessible. Sometimes, this cause permanent deletion.
  • Intentional / unintentional deletion of photos: Many-a-times, users may delete photos from Windows Photo Gallery, wondering it has been backed up or unknowingly deleting the whole Windows Photo Gallery folder, which leads to loss of photo files.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, you may also lose media files from Windows Photo Gallery due to virus attack, freezing issues, transfer error, improper defragmentation and so on. Regardless of the causes behind loss of photos from Windows Photo Gallery, use Remo Recover tool as it effectively guides you how to recover pictures from Windows Photo Gallery with ease.

How to recover deleted photos from Windows Photo Gallery with Remo Recover tool

1. Download and install Remo Recover software on your Windows computer to recover deleted photos from Windows photos gallery.

2. Choose the drive from where you want to recover data.

3. To initiate the scanning process click on the Scan button from the main screen.

Scanning The Drive

Note: Once the Deep Scan finishes. The tool allows you to view the recovered photos through the Dynamic Recovery View option, you can also navigate to the Lost and Found Files folder in the Tree Structure.

Select The Desired Folder

4. Finally, select the photos which you want to restore and click on the Recover option.