How to Recover FAT FAT32 and NTFS Partition?

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FAT, FAT32 and NTFS Partition Recovery Overview

File Allocation Table, FAT32 and NTFS are the commonly used file system in Windows operating computers for partitioning the hard disk. However, partitions created using any of these file system might get deleted due to some unavoidable reasons, which will account for huge data loss on the partition. But, it doesn’t mean that you can never get the partition data back. Remo Recover software will assist you on how to recover deleted FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partition within few clicks.

Step by Step instructions to recover deleted partition (FAT, FAT32 & NTFS)

Download Remo Recover tool on your Windows PC by clicking the Download Now button. Double click the downloaded file to install the software. Once the software is installed, launch Remo Recover and follow the below listed steps to restore data from deleted FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partitions:

Remember: Do not install Remo Recover utility on the drive from which you want to restore deleted partitions.

Step 1: Select Recover Partitions option from the main screen

Step 2: Then, you will see a list of detected logical and physical drives. Choose the appropriate drive and click Scan option

Step 3: The software will now scans the physical drive to find all its partitions that were deleted or lost. Once scanning is completed, a list of found partitions are displayed. Choose the required FAT, FAT32 or NTFS partition which you want to recover and click Scan button to start the recovery process

Step 4: After completion of scanning, you can view the retrieved data files in Data Type View or File Type View options.

Step 5: Now, you can preview the recovered files with Preview button and evaluate the recovery results prior saving the files

Step 6: Finally, if you are satisfied with the tool, then you can activate the complete version of the tool, and save the recovered files, as the demo version doesn't allow to save the files

Remo Recover is the best perfect choice to recover deleted partition (FAT, FAT32 & NTFS) because

Remo Recover is a potent tool chiefly designed to retrieve deleted partitions. Whether FAT, FAT32 or NTFS partition is inaccessible, formatted or corrupted, the software restores all your data files in a safe manner and within few simple steps. It works in read-only mode which means it doesn’t alter or damage your original contents from the erased partition while performing FAT, FAT32 file recovery or NTFS recovery.

  • Recovers deleted partition from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 arrays.
  • Easily restore deleted partitions from different hard dive interfaces such as SATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.
  • It can recover deleted partition from memory cards, USB drives, pen drive, FireWire drive, memory stick, iPod and many more.
  • Provides easy method for recovering files from RAW and non-booting drives.
  • This NTFS data recovery software can find all files with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from NTFS drives.

FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partition can get deleted in any of the below mentioned scenarios:

  • Partitions might go missing while re-partitioning the drive.
  • Any error while converting from FAT file system to NTFS or vice versa.
  • MBR damage or corruption could lead to deletion of partition.
  • Partition may get deleted while operating system re-installation.
  • Using inappropriate applications for creating new partitions.
  • Accidental formatting or deletion of partition.
  • Corruption in partition table or header.
  • Operating system crashes or malfunction.

Whatever may be the reason behind deletion of partitions, Remo Recover will help you in performing deleted partition recovery from drives having FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file system.

Additional features of Remo Recover utility,

  • Trial version: You can always go for free demo version of this software which will help you to understand how the deleted partition recovery is done with ease and later purchase it for further use.
  • Preview: Many a times, you may not be sure of the partition which is retrieved and you will want to have a glimpse of its contents just to make sure whether restored partition data is correct or not? In that case, you can view your recovered files and folders using Preview option.
  • Save Recovery Session: You can save the recovery session and therefore avoid rescanning of the drive which greatly saves your time.