How to Recover Deleted Partition on Windows 7?

Recovering lost or deleted partition is now at your fingertips, thanks to the efficient hard disk recovery solution in Remo Recover. Safely recover deleted partition on Windows 7, 8, 10 having any disk file system.

Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 7

Overview of Windows 7 Deleted Partition ...

Partitions in Windows 7 computer are the most crucial logical segments that play an important role in data fetching mechanism. In case, they get deleted either accidentally or intentionally then it will have a major effect on the functionality of your Windows 7 computer.

In case, the Windows 7 system partition (c drive typically) is deleted then the whole functionality of your computer will be halted. If other partitions rather than system drive are deleted, then your computer is not stopped from working. However, data stored in the partition gets deleted.

If you don't have a backup of files and folders present on deleted Windows 7 partition, then you are at data loss!

People usually think that the erased partition on Windows 7 is lost forever. But that’s not true, in such a case, Remo Recover tool will help you to recover files from deleted partition Windows 7 in just a few clicks.

Important: It is recommended not to save any file or install any application in the drive from which you have deleted Windows 7 partition, as it may overwrite or damage the lost data, you are trying to restore from the deleted partition.

Recover Deleted Partition Windows 7 with Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is a professional Partition recovery utility that will assist you to easily recover deleted partition from Windows 7 hard disk. Data recovery is possible even when a partition is deleted because the OS shows the hard disk space of that partition as unallocated. That is why the data which was stored in that partition becomes inaccessible. Remo Recover will thoroughly scan the Windows 7 hard drive, locate the deleted partition and restores all data from deleted partition.

Note: To recover files from deleted partition Windows 7 completely, it is suggested to install the Remo Recover data recovery software on a different PC/laptop. Then, connect the Windows 7 hard drive from which you have deleted or lost partitions as an external hard drive and perform file recovery from deleted partition by following below steps.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Recover Deleted Partition Windows 7:

Step 1: Connect the Windows hard drive where you deleted the partition to a working computer, launch Remo Recover software and click on Recover Partitions button. Then, you will see a list of physical and logical drives available in the system. Choose the appropriate drive and click "Scan" button

Recover Deleted Partition Windows 7 - Click Recover Partitions

Fig.1: Main screen

Step 2: The software scans the hard drive to find the deleted partitions. Once scanning is completed, you will see a list of found partitions that were either lost, deleted, or formatted. Choose the deleted partition from where you want to recover data and click "Scan" button to initiate the recovery process

Restore Deleted Partition Windows 7 - List of Found Partitions

Fig.2: List of Found Partitions

Step 3: After scanning the partition is completed, a list of recovered data are displayed in "Data View", and "File Type View"

Recover Data from Deleted Partition Windows 7 - Recovered Data View

Fig.3: Recovered Data View

Step 4: Now, the tool allows to evaluate its recovery results by allowing you to preview the recovered files through its "Preview" option

Recover Files from Deleted Partition Windows 7 - Preview Retrieved Data

Fig.4: Preview Retrieved Data

Step 5: Finally, if you are satisfied with the recovery tool, then purchase the full version of the tool and Save restored files from the deleted Windows 10 partition in a safe external drive.

Recover Files from Deleted Partition Windows 7 - Save Retrieved Data

Fig.5: Save Retrieved Data

Why Remo Recover to Restore Deleted Partition Windows 7 Data?

Partitions on Windows 7 might get deleted due to MBR corruption, bad sectors on the storage device, corrupt partition table, third-party applications, resizing existing logical drive, and more. Whatever may be the reason for partition deletion on Windows 7 or any other Windows computer, Remo Recover tool will come in handy to help in recovering partition data. The software is easy to use and provides a 4 step recovery process. You can also get the free download of Remo Recover data recovery software to recover deleted partition Windows 7 and preview all recovered files. You even can recover Windows 7 formatted partition data or restore lost NTFS partition Windows 7 with utmost ease with the help of this powerful data recovery tool.

Irrespective of the reasons behind deletion of partitions on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or any other operating system, Remo Recover will surely help you to recover deleted partitions easily.

Few Key Features of Remo Recover Software:

  • Restore deleted data from corrupt, broken, damaged or inaccessible partitions on Windows system
  • Supports deleted partition recovery from SATA, IDE, SCSI, SSD hard drives, pen drives, FireWire drives, external hard drive, etc.
  • Recover data with Alternate Data Streams (ADS) attributes from NTFS file systems formatted partitions
  • Ability to create Disk Images to bypass bad sectors and then, get back data from created Disk Images
  • Supports a wide range of data file types to recover including photos, videos, documents, application files and many