How to Recover Deleted Music Folders

Restore deleted folder containing music files easily by using Remo Recover software. It supports recovery of all types of music files including MP3, WAV, MPEG, WMA, OGG, etc. and all other media files from any storage drives.


If you happen to somehow lose your favorite music files and folders from your Windows OS enabled system and you are scratching your head regarding what action to take in order to recover deleted music folder, well, you can safely say that your hunt for the right tool ends here. You will be thoroughly guided with detailed info on steps to recover deleted files and folders in an easiest possible manner. But before that, let’s put some light on various actions that can be accountable for causing file deletion on any storage volume in general.

Various actions that can be accountable for causing file / folder deletion:

Songs that are stored on the internal storage of a computer or on any external media storage volume can get deleted or lost due to a wide range of actions such as:

  • Deleting songs or an entire folder accidentally from any drive
  • Formatting the hard drive of the computer or formatting the external media volume due to any reasons
  • Unintentionally deleting files from a connected music player system or memory card
  • Recovering from a malfunctioning or corrupt storage volume, severe virus infections, system corruptions, card corruptions may also cause file deletion
  • Improper usage of the drive containing music folder and similar adverse events can cause those files to get deleted or lost

Under all the above and alike circumstances, one may lose all files and folders or any other important data for that matter and leave you with no other resort but to recover them using Remo Recover.

Tool to Recover Deleted Music Folders - Remo Recover!

On almost all cases of file deletion or loss, the erased data remains on that location of any device itself, but it just turns invisible to the Operating System of the hardware. Remo Recover tool is designed to scan for such deleted or lost contents on any storage volume and make them recoverable to the computer’s Operating System. Remo Recover is an extremely powerful and reliable tool to recover deleted / lost folders from all storage mediums. Inclusively, you can easily recover deleted video files images, etc. with the help of Remo Recover.

What Makes Remo Recover the Best Choice to Recover Deleted Music Folders?

This is one of the best softwares to retrieve deleted music folders from a Windows Operating System for the following reasons:

  • You can easily restore all deleted songs from any Windows supported media storage volume in just few easy steps with the help of a reliable and user friendly interface of this utility
  • Apart from various kinds of music files, this generic data recovery tool can recognize and rescue files of more than 300 types of file extensions
  • You can use the demo version of Remo Recover application for free in order to recover deleted music folders and previewing all recoverable items prior to storing them back to any location is an added advantageous feature of this tool

Steps to restore erased music folders using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Download, install and run Remo Recover on your Windows PC. Select “Recover Files” option from the main screen. Then, a list of available logical and physical drive sare displayed. Choose the logical drive from where you want to recover deleted Music folder and click "Scan" button to begin the recovery process

Retrieve Deleted Music Folder - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of scanning and recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed in "Data View", and "File Type View"

Recovering Deleted Music Folders - Recovered Data View

Figure B: Recovered Data View

Step 3: Now have a preview of all the recovered files with "Preview" button to evaluate its recoevry results before saving

Restoring Deleted Music Folder - Preview Recovered Data

Figure C: Preview Recovered Data

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the tool now, then purchase the license of the tool and Save the recovered songs to any safe location on your PC using "Save" option.

Deleted Music Folder Recovery - Save Recovered Songs

Figure D: Save Recovered Songs