Retrieve Deleted Folders from External Hard Drive

Recover all deleted / missing folders in just few mouse clicks by using Remo Recover software. It enables you to retrieve folders from hard drive, external hard drive, memory card and other storage devices with ease.


External hard disk is an ideal place for people to store their personal or business data. Users create different folders to save various types of files like movies, pictures, music collections and other personal information. Thus, this makes user to find similar type of files with ease. But, sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you can’t find few folders in your external drive that contains vital data.

For instance: you wanted to remove a useless file from external drive, but accidentally deleted the complete folder by pressing Delete key. Sometimes, in the worst case, you can’t find deleted folder in the Recycle Bin. No matter, whether you used Delete or Shift Delete keys to remove folders from external HDD, they won’t get stored in Windows Recycle Bin. Therefore, to retrieve deleted folder from external hard drive, just download the demo version of Remo Recover tool for free and start recovering your deleted or missing folders in just few clicks.

How to Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive using Remo recover software:

Click on the green Download Now button to get the Remo Recover tool and install it on your Windows computer. First, you need to connect the external hard disk to your PC and run the application by following below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Launch the software and select “Recover Drives” option to recover erased folder from external hard drive


Click on Recover Drives option to retrieve deleted folder from external HDD

Step 2: Now you need to select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option

Select the suitable option in order to recover erased folder from external hard drive

Step 3: The software displays the list of physical drives present on your Windows computer, choose the external hard drive from which you want to retrieve deleted folder

Click on external hard drive from the list of devices

Step 4: After scan, you can preview the list of recovered data from external HDD by using “File Type View” and “Data View” options

View the list of recovered data list

Step 5: At last, you can “Save” the recovered folder on any storage drive that is accessible to your system after the data recovery is successfully completed

Click Save button to store the recovered folder in your desired memory location


Easy way to recover deleted folder from external hard drive

Remo Recover program is fast, simple and easy way to restore folder which are deleted or lost from external hard drives. It enables you to recover erased folder from several hard drive interfaces such as SATA, IDE, SCSI and PATA. Tool also assist you on how to fix parameter is incorrect on external hard drive and supports retrieval of files and folders from memory cards, pen drive, USB drives and other portable devices.

Restoration of folders from various file system like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and other RAID partitions is made possible by using this utility. Remo Recover is a read-only application that doesn’t alter or change anything in the original folder or file while recovering data from it. The software has a cleaned and user friendly interface through which even a novice user will easily retrieve large deleted folder without any difficulty.

Various instances where folders from external hard drive are deleted or lost:

  • Human errors: At certain times, users accidentally format the external drive where significant folders are stored.
  • Mishandling the device: Using the same external HDD on many Windows operating system or improperly ejecting external drive while copying or moving folders might lead to folder deletion.
  • Virus attack: If external hard drive is severely infected by deadly viruses like Trojan horse, Worm, etc., then it may delete certain folders or files without giving any prior notification to the users.
  • Other reasons: Folders may also get lost or deleted due to numerous reasons such as hardware malfunction, application error and so on.