How to Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive??

Updated on February 25, 2022

Wondering how to recover deleted folder from external hard drive? Remo Recover is the reliable solution. Designed to work even at highly complicated data loss scenarios, the program can create Disk Images to overcome damaged sectors. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 , Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and many more. It recovers data from the external hard drive that is formatted with NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, exFAT.


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Recover Seagate Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a portable storage, it can hold a large amount of data, images, movies, and other media. Regardless of how carefully you use your external hard drive, it is still susceptible to data loss. If you want to recover deleted files from an external hard disk, you can use this program.

Can You Recover Deleted Data From External Hard Drive?

Yes, you can recover the deleted folder from the external HDD. However, you need to stop using the external drive immediately. Because, adding new data to an external hard drive from which the data loss has taken place, might result in overwriting the data. In this article we will discuss how to recover the deleted files from external hard drive.

How can I Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive?

Method 1: Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from External Hard Drive Using File History

Windows has a backup tool called File History. It gives you the ability to go back in time and recover deleted files from external hard drives for free. Using Windows file history, you can restore a permanently deleted folder from an external hard drive.

  • In the File Explorer go to the external hard drive, from which you lost files.
  • Right click on the external hard drive and select Properties.
  • Click on the Previous Version tab and where all your deleted or lost files are located.
  • Finally, select the files or folder you want to restore, and click on the Restore button.

This procedure will not restore deleted files if you have not enabled Windows File History feature. You may simply recover deleted files from an external hard drive by using hard drive recovery software like Remo Recover.

Method 2: Undelete Files from External HDD Using Remo Recover

Utilize Remo Recover tool, a professional hard drive recovery software. It has a deep scan engine that will scan the external hard drive and recover deleted or lost folders from it. This tool can recover a large deleted folder, and supports data recovery from formatted or reformatted external HDD. It can detect more than 300 file formats and can retrieve files from RAW hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, and so on.


1. Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer. Now connect your external HDD to it.

2. From the main screen select the external drive from where you want to recover data.

3. Now initiate the scanning process by pressing the Scan option.

click on the scan option to initiate the scanning of the external HDD

Note: Once the Quick Scan is completed it automatically starts Deep Scan. Now you can navigate to the Lost and Found Files folder to select the recovered files. This tool offers a free Preview feature to verify the recovery results.

go to the tree structure to recover deleted folder from external HDD

4. Finally, select the files which you want to save and click on the Recover option.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss on External HDD

  • Take backup of your important data, to avoid data loss from external hard drive in future.
  • Keep your external hard drive clean to avoid temperature, dust or moisture.
  • Be careful while formatting the external HDD, to minimise the potential of accidentally formatting the wrong partition.
  • Check twice while deleting any file or emptying the Recycle Bin, since this will lead to data loss on the external hard drive/USB drive if you have not taken backup prior.
  • Avoid any interruptions while transferring the data from external hard drive to the computer cause this will result in data loss in external HDD.


1. Do Deleted Files from External Hard Drives go to the Recycle Bin?

Files that are deleted from an external hard drive do not appear in the Windows Recycle Bin. External hard drives, on the other hand, have their own Recycle Bin, which is usually hidden.

Deleting files from an external hard drive without a backup is the same as deleting files permanently from a hard drive using the Shift + Delete keys, emptying the Recycle Bin, and so on. As a result, double-check each file before deleting it from an external hard drive.

2. How to Recover Hidden Files from External Hard Drive?

Cmd is useful when dealing with data loss caused by malware. However, these viruses alter the properties of files stored on internal and external hard drives, rendering them hidden or impossible to read.

  • In the search bar type Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.
  • Now type Attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:*.* (where x is the drive letter of the external hard drive).
  • Finally hit Enter.

3. Is it Possible to Recover Data from Dead External Hard Drive?

Yes. Data can be recovered from a dead external hard drive. However, if your external hard drive or USB is dead due to physical damage, you won't be able to recover files using a data recovery program. However, if your external hard drive dead due to logical errors and you can no longer access the contents on it, then you can simply use Remo Recover to restore your data from the dead external hard drive.

4. Is it Possible to Recover Data from Corrupted External Hard Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a corrupted external hard drive using Remo Recover software. However, you can make use of the above Attrib commands to fix any minor corruptions. In case, if your external hard drive is severely corrupted then use Remo Recover to restore your data.


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