Restore Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive

Accidentally Deleted A Folder From External Hard Drive? Use Remo Data Recovery Tool To Retrieve It Without Any Hassles! All Files Like Documents, Photos, Videos, Audio Files, Spreadsheets, Etc., Can Be Recovered From The Deleted Folder.


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Are you worried because an important folder is deleted from your external hard drive by mistake? Many important files like documents, presentation files, photos, videos, compressed files, etc., were saved in the deleted folder? You must be badly disappointed since your important files are erased from the deleted folder on the external hard drive, and you don’t even have a backup!

It’s not late yet! Your deleted folder from the external hard disk drive is not lost permanently. So, act quickly and recover deleted folder from external hard drive.

Can Deleted Folder Be Recovered from External Hard Drive?

Yes, you can restore deleted folder from external hard drive if you stop using the drive from the moment you erased folder from it. Even though deleted folder from an external hard drive, pen drive, USB drive, SD card, memory card, etc. will not be present in Recycle Bin, you can get back your deleted folder. So, don’t conclude that your folder is gone forever.

Although files or folders deleted from an external hard drive connected to the system is not stored in the Recycle Bin, it doesn't get permanently erased from the external drive. Only the address of the folder is removed. Until space is overwritten by new data, deleted files recovery is possible.

Restore Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive:

Remo Recover Data Recovery tool will scan the external hard disk drive and recover deleted folder from it in a quick manner. Whether the folder was deleted accidentally, or using Shift Delete keys, this software will get back the folder in quick steps. It can recover large deleted folder along with all the files present in it. Even if you have formatted the external HDD and folders got erased in the process, the utility comes in handy to recover data.

Not just deleted folder recovery, even files and folders that are lost or missing from external hard disk will be easily restored by this Remo Data Recovery software. It even retrieves files from RAW hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, and so on. The file recovery software is quite easy to use, that even a new user can go about the recovery process without any difficulty.

Steps to Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive:

Step 1: Connect the external hard drive from which deleted folder is to be recovered to a working computer. Launch Remo Recover software and click on Recover Drives button to recover deleted folder from external hard drive.

Click on Recover Drives option to retrieve deleted folder from external HDD

Step 2: Select Partition Recovery option from the next screen.

Select the suitable option in order to recover erased folder from external hard drive

Step 3: The software displays the list of physical drives present on your Windows computer, choose the external hard drive from which you want to recover deleted folder.

Click on external hard drive from the list of devices

Step 4: After the scan, you can preview the list of recovered files from external HDD.

View the list of recovered data list

Step 5: Finally, Save the recovered files from hard drive deleted folder on any storage drive of your choice (not onto the same external hard drive from where you recovered deleted folder).

Click Save button to store the recovered folder in your desired memory location


Don’t be panic, when you accidentally delete any file or lost data without having a proper backup. Since your deleted data or lost data will be present on the same device, you can assuredly restore it.

But, to undelete files which are missing or deleted, you must remember one important factor i.e. “stop using the device” until you recover deleted files/lost files from it.


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