Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8.1

Here you can free download trial edition of Remo Recover tool and learn how to recover deleted files from Windows 8.1/8/7/10 after accidental deletion, Shift deletion or emptying Recycle Bin with ease now.

Accidental / unintentional data deletion occurs oftenly with all users no matter how professional user you are or what latest operating systems you’re using. Data deletion is a common scenario with all users. But the good thing is, all deleted data can be recovered / undeleted if you have an appropriate data recovery tool.

How Remo Recover tool works?

When you erase a file on your computer, the deleted file is moved to the recycle bin. Emptying the recycle bin makes that inaccessible to you, but doesn’t actually completely remove it. What exactly happens behind the scenes after a file deletion is, the computer’s file system erases the path to access the deleted file, and designates that space as being available for future use on that drive. The 0s and 1s that constitute the file are still present on your computer but hidden, until they are overwritten with other file. The data recovery tool scans for such data on your drive, modifies its path and recovers it by making it accessible again to the computer system.

Here’s the most awaited data recovery tool for Windows 8.1 that’s a must have tool for all Windows users. Remo File Recovery Software for Windows 8.1 is more powerful and advanced to make your data recovery experience on Windows 8.1 a walk in the park! Data recovery has never been as easier when Remo Recover is along.

Latest features, facts and user-friendly interface of Remo Recover makes it as the best Windows 8.1 data recovery tool:

Remo Recover comes handy in these data loss scenarios-

  • You can retrieve deleted data on Win 8.1 from crashed Hard Drives, deleted / lost / formatted / re-formatted partitions.
  • Perform Windows 8.1 data recovery even after updating / reinstalling Windows.
  • Recover deleted contents from Bad Sectors by creating an Image file to bypass the Bad Sector on the drive and then retrieve data from those image files.


A tool so advanced that:

  • Recovers any data that was deleted from almost every memory drive like Flash memories, External HD Drives, FireWire Drives.
  • Scans the entire Drive in no time on order to detect any deleted contents on that Drive in order to restore deleted files on Win 8.1.
  • Recovers data from drives with file systems like FAT-32, NTFS, ExFAT.
  • Recognizes files exceeding 300 file types to recover almost all digital data on any drive.


A tool so user friendly that:

  • Even a new user can implement the software and recover files with utmost ease
  • Sort recovered data based on Date Created, File Size, File Extension and File Name.
  • Retrieved files can be directly stored on external memories and CD / DVDs.
  • You can preview all the recovered files in the demo version itself by simply right-clicking on the file, and hitting Preview button, thereby evaluate the tool prior purchase.
  • Save drive space by creating Zip files for all recovered contents.
  • View rescued data conveniently using File Type View or Data View options.
  • A free trial version for you to test data recovery using Remo Recover tool with which you can scan, recover and preview the recovered files on Windows 8.1. If you are satisfied with the tool, then activate the license key of the tool, and save the recovered files at the location of your choice.


There are more attractive features of this tool, visit the main page of Remo Recover for complete list of features and details.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8.1:

Step 1: Download Remo Recover software on your computer with Windows 8.1. Next, launch the software and select Recover Files in the main screen. Then, select the drive from where you would like to recover deleted files and click on the Scan button

Recover Deleted Files Win 8.1 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The software now scans the drive and displays a list of all found files. Now, preview the files for free by double clicking on the recovered file

Recover Deleted Files Win 8.1 - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 2: Preview Recovered Files

Step 3: Finally, save the recovered files to a preferred location

Recover Deleted Files Win 8.1 - Save Recovered Files

Figure 3: Save Recovered Files